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ONE SMILE, ONE HEART, ONE MIND: Davao Oriental’s secret to unity and progress

Even as politics is heating up with feverish crescendo, the people of Davao Oriental are an enviable lot: their governor is running for reelection without opposition, giving her time to continue to pursue her vision for the province.

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This welcome political reality augurs well for her flagship program “One Smile, One Heart, and One Mind for Davao Oriental” that has unified the entire political spectrum of the province into a cohesive and solid force of developmental cooperation.


The program has tempered the political situation in relation to the coming May elections, with most candidates running under a single administration “dream team.”

Credit this to Governor Corazon Malanyaon’s diplomacy. In Davao Oriental, the coming election is a no-contest but just another political exercise for unity for the province’s progress and development. No blood. No hatred.

“I am happy that we are still bonded with the dream for Davao Oriental, as I dream of Davao Oriental to be food sufficient, dwelled with healthy and literate people, enjoying the benefits of infrastructure development, and living peacefully in a place and structure they can call home,” Malanyaon said.

Without an opponent, Gov. Malanyaon is taking everything in its proper perspective, as far as politics is concerned.

“After filing our certificates of candidacy, there is still a lot of work to be done. We cannot afford to do things in mediocrity, to be occupied with other things than work. I believe that there is always a time for everything,” she said.

Known as a leader with a big heart, Gov. Malanyaon credits his performance to her experience in local governance and draws inspiration from success stories of others.

“I am always inspired with success stories that started from humble pre-beginnings, because it takes courage, perseverance, and determination to make it against all odd,” she said.

For the governor, a leader who rises from the top amid the acid tests of time is a leader who is seasoned with time and has a vivid vision of how to lead.

Her principle of governance revolves around community consultation and meeting people to hear their woes.

This is precisely the reason why she often goes to the barangays, see how the projects and programs of the provincial government are implemented to address the needs of the constituents.

“Honestly, I really feel more comfortable being with the people in the barangay. I consider it equally or even more important than doing office works because I get to see them from where they are. That is why I see to it that should my schedule allow, I will glady oblige to invitations from the barangays, especially those concerning the farmers,” she added.