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Vanishing into near death, a month into E-Day on May 13, is the campaign of the ragtag local political bloc vying for posts in the Davao del Norte races in the mid-term elections.
This early pundits are predicting the so-called MAY 13 MASSACRE of the ALVAREZ WING led by re-electionist Panty, who counts in his team a virtual unknown and former bus conductor for governor and a political puppet for congressman.
This prediction is but a breathe away from becoming reality for these reasons:

1. Panty and his ragtag team are up against the established political families that have contributed imensely to the political stability and unity of the province for decades and for their contribution to the local economy that made Davao del Norte the most progressive province in the Davao Region and Southern Mindanao.

2. The ALVAREZ WING will battle it out with the formidable Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP), a regional political party of presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio. Inday Sara is personaly campaigning vs. Panty whom she called an “asshole” for calling her pet HNP an “opposition party.” How can Inday Sara forgive Panty who had boasted that he has the power to impeach her father, President Rodrigo Duterte?

duterte endorse hnp
2. The HNP candidates have been endorsed by no less than the President. Why is the President endorsing an HNP candidate and not Panty, who is secretary general of the President’s PDP/Laban party? Has this something to do with the President’s hatred for government officials?

3. The HNP Davao del Norte has no less than local political kingpin Dolfo del Rosario as campaign manager. Dolfo is former Assemblyman, former Environment secretary, former Governor and former Congressman. He draws tremendous respect and was undefeated in political contests since he entered public service 35 years ago. He is coming out of temporary retirement from politics to lead HNP and fight Panty, a disgraced secretary of Tranportation in a past administration and recently kicked out for massive corruption from a top position in the national legislature. Panty was an inconsequintial dot in the political landscape of the province for 15 years, as he vanished into thin air after being charged with corruption in the previous administration and after two debacles in his comeback bids, in battles versus candidates backed by Dolfo. Out of pity, Dolfo and his family and relatives financially and politically supported Panty to win in the 2016 elections. To Dolfo, his relatives and friends and political supporters and the people in general of the province, Panty is a snake in the grass. He is now biting the hand that helped him rise from his grave of political oblivion.

Floirendo won’t do an Alvarez in the House


After having declared his interest on the top post of the House of Representatives, Davao del Norte 2nd District Rep. Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo Jr. assured residents of the 1st congressional district that he will not do an Alvarez in case he becomes the Speaker of the 18th Congress.

Floirendo was referring to the “zero budget” given to him by then House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez back in 2018.

In a press conference Thursday, April 11, Floirendo said he knows how his constituents in the 2nd District suffered when Alvarez withheld his budget.

“I know how it feels, kaya di ko gagawin yan sa mga tao. I will not give a zero budget to any of my colleagues,” Floirendo said.

Floirendo said he is not even certain if Alvarez would be re-elected considering the formidable opponent he has in the person of incumbent Governor Anthony del Rosario.

In a statement, Floirendo appealed to his colleagues in the Lower House to join him in giving the Duterte administration a solid support from the legislative department.

“I am calling on my fellow Filipino lawmakers, regardless of political and ideological affiliations, let us work as one in serving the people. I ask my fellow lawmakers in the coming 18th Congress to join hands with me in ensuring that the Duterte administration gets the full support he needed from the legislative department. I know that we all wanted what is good for the President and ultimately what is good for the Filipino people,” Floirendo said.

Floirendo revealed that after his declaration for his Speakership bid few days ago, many of his colleagues called him up asking if he is serious about it.

“I told them, “as serious as the President’s adamant will to improve the lives of the Filipino by 2022”. After hearing that, they said that they will support me,” said Floirendo.

The congressman who was the top donor of President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign fund in 2016, said that he had been a politician half his life and he never ever aspired any national position.

“I’d rather be on the backseat than up front. Many of my colleagues know that. But this time around, it’s a different scenario. When I give my support, I give it my 100%. I asked nothing after President Duterte won, I did not ask anything when I was being persecuted by the House leadership under Alvarez,” Floirendo said.

“And now that I am running for speakership I also did not ask any support from the President. For we both respect the separations of power. But if he will give me a chance to serve I will always be grateful and will make sure I will do my duty to unite the Lower House,” he added.



This was how former Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario Sr. describe First District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez as the Davao del Norte Prosecution Office dismissed charges of land grabbing filed against him and members of his family in connection with foreclosure of land used as collateral in loans secured from the Del Rosario-owned Century Rural Bank by small banana growers.

The complainants were assisted financially and legally by Alvarez and Edwin Jubahib, his personal assistant.

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The Davao del Norte Prosecution Office has dismissed charges of land grabbing filed against former Governor Rodolfo del Rosario Sr. and members of his family in connection with foreclosure of land used as collateral in loans secured from the Del Rosario-owned Century Rural Bank by small banana growers, according to reports in  Tagum City-based radio stations.

jubahib ngisi

In filing the case, nearly one hundred farmers whose collateral were foreclosed were legally and financially assisted by former bus conductor Edwin Jubahib.

Jubahib is running for governor in the May 13 election under the banner of the Alvarez Wing of First District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez.

The political neophyte Jubahib, personal assistant of Alvarez, is up against Board Member Rodolfo “Rodney” del Rosario, Jr. in the race for governor. Alvarez’s reelection bid is being challenged by Governor Anthony del Rosario.

agr interview

The governor and and his brother Rodney, sons of former Gov. del Rosario and among those charged, are running under the banner of the Hugpong ng Pagbabago, a regional political part formed by presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

The alleged land grabbing is among black propaganda hurled at the Del Rosarios by Jubahib and Alvarez.

Gov. del Rosario said the accusation is recycled black propaganda leveled against the Del Rosarios during the election season. 


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Banana farmers who took out loans from Century Rural Bank for banana production failed to pay their loans because they sold their produce through the “pole-vaulting” scheme.

 “Pole-vaulting” is the illegal practice by small banana growers of selling   produce to “fly-by-night” banana exporters other than the companies they had signed a contract with.

Under the loan agreement, the farmers also entered into a marketing arrangement to market their produce in the world market with Tropial Fresh Fruit, which served as conduit for the loan amortization of the small banana growers.

For reneging on their loan payments, the bank owned by the Del Rosario family foreclosed on the small banana farmers whose properties were used as collateral in the loan.

The banana growing, financing and marketing arrangement was at the start a big success. But the borrowers started to default on their amortization after they resorted to “pole-vaulting” and surreptitiously sold their produce to illegal Cavendish banana exporters other than the companies with which they have a marketing agreement, which in this case is the Tropical Fresh Fruits.

As the borrowers reneged on their loan amortizations Century Rural Bank was forced to foreclose on some of the borrowers.

Two weeks ago, two small banana farmers went to court and filed charges against the former governor and officers of the bank in a bid to recover their properties.


In a hint that political motives was behind the filing of the case against the Del Rosarios, Jubahid has publicly admitted that he is legally and financially assisting the farmer-borrowers.

He claims that more than 600 farmer-borrowers were victimized by the “landgrabbing” of the Del Rosarios, but only two of the farmers filed a case. Rumors spreading in Davao del Norte say that Jubahib is offering millions of pesos to the farmer-borrowers  who file a complaint against the Del Rosarios.


Davao del Norte Board Member Rodolfo “Rodney” del Rosario Jr., son of the former governor and headed Century Rural Bank when the small farmers took out their loans, is among members of the Del Rosario family included in the charge.

Rodney is running for Governor in the May 13 election under the banner of the Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP) of presidential daughter Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

His rival, virtual unknown former bus conductor Jubahib is the candidate of the Alvarez Wing of deposed HouseSpeaker and 2nd District Rep. Pantaleon Alvarez, whose reelection is being challenged by incumbent Governor Anthony del Rosario, Rodney’s younger brother.

Although, the properties of the defaulting farmer borrowers were “foreclosed”, Jubahib is accusing the Del Rosarios of “landgrabbing.” Rodney said Jubahib’s accusation is a recycled issue that surfaces only during election, dismissing Jubahib’s claim of more than 600 “victims” as a big lie. He said the bank foreclosed only on a few borrowers, with most of the farmer-borrowers successfully benefiting from their loan with the Century Rural Bank.  

About ten years ago, pole-vaulting operators created a stir in the banana industry in the Davao Region when they started luring the small banana growers with  higher prices.

Because they are paid directly by pole-vaulting operators, the banana growers simply evaded paying repayment of their loans with the bank, through Tropical Fresh Fruits, from sale of their bananas.

In the case of their loan agreement with the Del Rosario-owned Century Rural Bank, the bank would provide financing to the small banana growers and Fresh Tropical Fruits tasked with the marketing of their produce. The banana growers’ cooperative serves as conduit for inputs provided by Century Bank, which is repaid the loans from sale of the produce.

The farmers were religiously paying amortizations for the loans until pole-vaulting operators started buying their produce.

The Department of Agriculture (DA) had expressed worry that the practice has grown into a serious problem at the height of the racket starting from 2010.

The bananas were also exported without permit from government regulators thus affecting the quality of Philippine Cavendish bananas in the world market.

In 2015, then Davao del Norte Governor Rodolfo del Rosario said pole-vaulting is an anomaly that caused billions of pesos of damage to the industry and unpaid taxes to the government.

Worried that the illegal pole-vaulting  could kill the banana export industry, in 2015, then Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala ordered the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) to stop the practice.

The Cavendish banana export industry is one of the country’s biggest dollar-earning industries.

Alcala ordered the Davao Region Plant Quarantine Service (PQS), an agency under the BPI, to stop the illegal practice. PQS is based in Davao City where export Cavendish bananas in the Davao Region, Caraga and Central Mindanao are loaded for shipment abroad.

The PQS serves as the regulator for fruit and vegetable producers and exporters and phytosanitary certificates to export commodities. A phytosanitary certificate guarantees that commodities for export are free from pests and diseases.

Banana industry stakeholders said the quality of Philippine bananas was affected by bananas shipped out by pole-vaulting operators whose exports are packed   in unlicensed packing house and shipped out without inspection by PQS.

The then Gov. del Rosario had feared pole-vaulting would impact on his province’s economy  the banana industry being the biggest revenue earner for Davao del Norte.

To stop the practice in the Davao Region, Del Rosario joined hands with other local government units in assisting the DA in the campaign against pole-vaulting.

Del Rosario is an industry veteran having been a top officer of Tagum Development Corporation (Tadeco), the Philippines’ top banana grower and exporter.

Tadeco, founded in the 60s by the late banana magnate Don Antonio Floirendo Sr., is the pioneering banana grower that made Davao del Norte the “banana capital” of the Philippines.

The bananas of Davao del Norte placed the Philippines in the ranks of the world’s top banana producers alongside Latin America countries.