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CHR bats for heightened online child protection amid pandemic

 January 24, 2021

The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) on Sunday called for heightened protection of students against sexual exploitation and other forms of child abuse as the world celebrates the International Day of Education.”Protection of young people from all forms of abuse is among the obligations… Read More

Queensland Motel reclamation under fire anew

ACOSTA wants King David demolished


If she had her way, councilor Mabel Acosta wants to demolish pronto a bay walk and a giant concrete replica of a young and naked King David illegally constructed by motel owner Teodorico Adarna on a government-owned foreshore area in Matina Aplaya.

Acosta, the acting Mayor, showed her mettle yesterday during a consultation meeting with Philippine Reclamation Authority chairman Andrea Domingo, who is town to look into the illegal structures built by the owner of Queensland Motel on a 24-hectare city foreshore government property.

At the meeting at City Hall, Acosta asked City Legal Officer Melchor Quitain if as acting Mayor she had authority to order demolition of the structures. Quitan said she had such power. With the coast cleared by the legal officer, Acosta said she would ask the police to provide the City Engineers Office with security support to implement a cease-and-desist order that were not heeded by Adarna. The engineering office earlier issued the order following a legal opinion by the legal office that the Adarna constructions were illegal and should be demolished.

Domingo herself had expressed misgivings on why Adarna pursued the project even without permits, and said PRA would not tolerate the illegal contructions. She said PRA would support the local government’s action against the illegal constructions, to include demolition, if the city council issues a resolution ordering the demolition.

We want that area restored to its original state, said Domingo, whose agency had earlier issued two cease-and desist orders which were disregarded by Adarna.

The illegal reclamation, without a single permit from the local or national government that gobbled up about two hectares of the City Recreation Area, sparked a furor two years ago, leading to a probe by the Davao City Council. Adarna however continued to build a bay walk and a marina, including the controversial King David statue. Acosta had the loudest voice that that backed calls for demolition of the illegal structures as the committee on environment then chaired by councilor Arnolfo Ricardo Cabling conducted investigations.

In particular, Acosta assailed the naked King David statue as an affront to morality and tagged the concrete replica as an advertising stunt to lure customers to Queensland Motel, popular here as a quick sex motel.

The Cabling committee would later pass a resolution asking City Hall to demolish the structures and file charges for illegal reclamation against Adarna. The resolution however had been placed in the backburner after Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he could not move against Adarna without sparing vendors’ structures at Times Beach, a public beach popular among the poor. Times Beach is part of the City Recreation Area, awarded to the city government under a presidential proclamation in 1951.

Adarna has admitted he disregarded permit requirements for his illegal reclamation and has offered to donate the development, where he is said to have poured some P16 million, to the city government. he has also proposed that he be given right to maintain the bay walk, which has now become a popular destination. The bay walk if open to the public.

Acosta, acting as Mayor with both Mayor Duterte and Vice Mayor Sara Duterte on leave, may not be able to realize her wish to order the demolition with Mayor Duterte expected to return to City Hall after the end of the month. But Quitain told Acosta he is issuing an opinion on the extent of an acting Mayor’s authority, that he had earlier said includes the power to issue a demolition order against the Adarna construction.