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I fired 5 or 6 Cabinet members due to corruption

To stress that there is no room for the corrupt in his administration, President Rodrigo said he fired members of his Cabinet involved in corruption.

Duterte on Thursday said he has fired up to six Cabinet members due to alleged corruption, during a meeting in Lapu Lapu City with officers and members of the National Task Force and Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC).

Duterte put on the chopping block for alleged corruption a Cabinet official who had been a close supporter since his days as mayor of Davao City, early into his administration in early 2017.

Duterte did not name names of those he fired that he acknowledged to have helped in his election in 2016.

But you know you have to go. It pains me deeply too but I never realized that you are capable of doing it, said Duterte.


Ugly, unwise, unfatherly, unpresidential, unprecedented, unforgivable!

If this reaches him, my personal and friendly advise to PRRD: Take a deep breath, shut his ears, eye the bigger picture and listen to his heart. This is not the time to display Tapang, the situation calls for Malasakit.


As father of the nation, he should put a stop to this madness.
History will be unkind to a father who denies his daughter a chance to be President (Letter 1), ties her hands to handpick her own tandem (Letter 2) and threatens to whip her in public by fighting her in the polls for VP. This is not just ugly, unwise, unfatherly, it is unpresidential, unprecedented, unforgivable!
He should also stop attacking other people. Maybe he needs to be reminded about one among his favorites: “don’t paint others black to picture yourself white.”
Best for him is to devote his remaining months in office in winning against the pandemic, reviving the economy and making certain that the elections are conducted above board, no terrorism, no power outages, no ISP shutdown, no cheating. And then retire as he has announced on Oct 2, be a mentor, spend time for family and himself.
What more does he need to prove, our people’s admiration and respect he already have?
(Mr. Lavina served as unofficial spokesman of then Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in the 2016 presidential election. After Duterte, won the presidency, Mr. Lavina was appointed as head of the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) but after only a few months, would be kicked out for alleged corruption by the President.

(Posted in Peter Tiu Lavina, Facebook, November 15, 2021)


Those claiming that Mayor Sara will change her mind and run / substitute for President, in spite of pronouncements and evidence to the contrary, are raising false hopes.


#SundayMusings – This is my longer response to Dave Diwa who raised alarm about some scam using the name of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

Hope must be realistic, reasonable, rational. True hope is justified. False hope is not. It clings to something improbable, not likely to happen, and often based on a distorted sense of reality. READ MORE ON FACEBOOK

Ex-Duterte spokesman for Marcos for president in 2022 polls

PETER TIU LAVINA: Bongbong becoming more popular, relevant and strong

I noticed how BBM has matured and handled himself quite well. I think he has learned a lot from the cheating experience of 2016.

He has moved on; it made him a better person, a better leader. The attacks on him with regards the 2022 election have strengthened his resolve to stay above the fray, face challenges with humility, and act gentlemanly.

I observed there is no air, no hate or bitterness in his speech or action. Also, like in Mayor Sara, I see in BBM having an inner strength. He does not answer every bark of the dog in his journey. He doesn’t just dismiss them either. He absorbs them as blows to sharpen himself like what ironsmiths do to their prized swords.

Was he transformed by the renewing of his mind as in St Paul’s Letter to the Romans 12:2? His foes and critics sadly judge him by his image, particularly of the past, not rightfully by his substance of today. Big-time mistake. Nature changes people as seasons do.

To see the good in others mirrors our own values. Anger, vengeance, envy are blinders that blur our sight. I believe there is a new man in him. His name maybe old, but his aura is new.

If not spiritual rebirth, there is something in BBM that has fundamentally changed. Maybe its due to fatherhood. Maybe its simply about growing up older and wiser. Maybe there’s a profound sense in him to fulfill a mission. See how he treats debate.

For others it is show time or show off time, or chance to belittle foes, or spot faults in others. For him it is not contest or rivalry but opportunity to present his program, his views, and his message.

So, while others are focused on destroying him, bringing him down like crabs do, he has kept his eyes on the ball. To me, that is the very essence of leadership – looking forward, not backward. There is determination. His V sign is for vision signifying clear direction.

These all to me explain why his lead is gaining a lot of followers. And like in Du30’s case, the more they attack him, the more he becomes popular, strong and relevant.

PETER TIU LAVINA: Inday Sara not running for president


Call me KJ or even contra bida but I’m not one who will raise false hopes.

It’s the monthsary today when for me she said no to the presidency by filing for Mayor instead under HNP. With this, substitution becomes a no-no. As a regional party, HNP is neither eligible to nominate nor substitute for a national position.

Thus, its members cannot replace those who will withdraw or be disqualified for President, Vice President or Senator. This no was a loud one but either her unspoken word was not heard or people refused to listen. Not her fault at all and she should not be blamed for it. She’s the victim here not the villain.

She was already responding positively and concretely and not ignoring the clamor and calls “Run Sara Run” – topping pre-poll surveys, activating parallel groups, going on initial sorties, naming her spokesperson – and then her moves were hindered. Her path to Malacañang to follow the footsteps of her father was blocked.

First, she was ignored (Letter 1) and then, second, her hands were tied (Letter 2) by the ruling party. By not playing the dirty game, refusing “to be a political punching bag” she opted out of the race. This was a principled stand. For her a no was a no. No way to play with her and the destiny of the nation by this despicable manner.

In her Aug 25 statement when she exposed and rejected the two letters, she also said she was not a “last two minutes” person. It signals that she was against any tricks. There are no 11th hour game-plans or end game grand strategies at all. That happened on Oct 8 and will happen by Nov 15.

Now, claims and speculations that she will change her mind and substitute for President or VP are all wishful thinking. There are even those who are so confident “itaga nyo sa bato.” But for me these are more based on fantasy than reality.

They are good for self entertainment but will not help us raise our political maturity. Fact of the matter, she has already moved on – meeting BBM in Cebu on how HNP can help his bid for President and meeting the Villars in Las Piñas to help Sec Mark for his Senate run – while we’re stuck till Nov 15 “Waiting for Godot.”

This tragicomedy play which I already mentioned last month has a timely plot about discussing so many things while waiting for something out of nothing. Nagpa-abot og wala. Godot of course never came.

Sad. And funny. These are moments in the play that mirror our lives today. Im sad she’s not in the presidential race. I own up to the mistakes in my assessment and laugh at and learn from it.I am not a KJ or a contra bida. It’s simply me.



We welcome the endorsement of the Iglesia ni Cristo INC). This is a big boost to our campaign particularly to thwart attempts by the administration to cheat the elections.

The LP is claiming to be in a momentum, an empty boast but clearly laying the premises and conditioning the minds of our people on the grand fraud they plan to unleash with unbelievable results on election day.



1.7M-strong INC for Duterte

Duterte tops final The Standard poll

Duterte survives ‘rape comment’, tops Pulse Asia poll

This endorsement shows that Duterte’s advocacy for‪ #‎TunayNaPagbabago has resonated to almost all our people and all our church formations affected by the rising crimes and drugs, continuing corruption and government neglect, poverty and sufferings of our people.

These issues are close to the hearts of our moral leaders and the various churches have their own campaigns to end this malady.

Hence, we have received various expressions of support from many religious groups and religious leaders not just from the INC. But fully aware of its church discipline in voting, this INC endorsement is truly significant.

We thank the INC as well all other religious groups and religious leaders.

In fact, we are very grateful that no less than the Pope himself has written to Duterte and saying his own prayers. Peter Lavina, Head of Media Group