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Presidential spokesman Salvador Panelo played sadist on Sunday by rubbing salt to injured pride of the political opposition and its supporters whose much-touted million-people Oust Duterte People Power Protest Rally in the capital on Saturday, February 22,  miserably went pffft!,  with only a few hundred people turning up for the mass action.

Skewering the event as a futile attempt by critics, led by the opposition Liberal Party,  to oust President Rodrigo, Panelo said calls to oust the President  from office could never succeed.

Less than 100 protesters attended the rally. (Ousting the President) is  just a pipe dream, he said.

The Saturday event, three days ahead of the 34th anniversary of the 1986 People  Power Revolution that ousted then dictator President Ferdinand Marcos, was planned by organizers to generate public support that would culminate in massive nation-wide protest rallies on February 25.


In an interview on Sunday  with dzIQ, Panelo reiterated that removing Duterte from office is a mere “wishful thinking.”
He also taunted the number of protesters who gathered at the People Power Monument in Quezon City on Saturday afternoon and to demand Duterte’s resignation.
“Wala pang 100 yata ang dumating. ‘Yun ang sinasabi ko. Pipe dream lang yun (Less than 100 protesters, perhaps, attended the rally. That’s what I’m saying. It’s just a pipe dream). It’s a wishful thinking. Iyan ang statement we have to make. Wala yun (That’s the statement we have to make. It’s nothing),” Panelo said.
Members of the Oust Duterte Movement, led by Kilusan Kontra China, Bunyog, and Confederation against Federalism flocked to the People Power Monument on Saturday to express their anger at Duterte.
The Quezon City Police District estimated that the crowd at the monument was only around 100. Public support and enthusiasm for the protest rally could have been doused with cold by Vice President Leni Robredo, who distance herself from the rally.
The protesters flashed their placards with a call saying, “Duterte, resign now!”
Panelo said Duterte’s critics always wanted to unseat the President but never succeeded.
“They can always try. Wala. Hanggang doon na lang sila (But it does not flourish. That’s what they can only do),” he said.
Calls for Duterte’s resignation came just three days before the anniversary of the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution, along with reports that some military officials are hatching up a coup d-etat to remove Duterte from Malacanang..
Last week, communist founder Jose Maria Sison claimed that there was also an attempt from some officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to stage a coup against Duterte following the Philippines’ termination of the Visiting Forces Agreement with the United States.
Sison alleged that the coup plotters are AFP officials who served as “assets” of the US Defense Intelligence Agency and Central Intelligence Agency and are “loyal to their pocketbooks rather than to the Filipino people.”
AFP chief-of-staff, Gen. Felimon Santos Jr. already dismissed rumors that some military officers have expressed opposition to the abrogation of VFA. (with PNA report)
protest 1Malacañang on Sunday said it already expects that the call for President Rodrigo Duterte’s ouster will not thrive.





My crystal ball tells me that the hardest, insurmountable obstacle that House Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez will hurdle, and never will, in the coming 2019 election  is Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte.

With presidential daughter Inday Sara’s political clout, even in Alvarez’s own district in Davao del Norte, the Speaker’s reelection  is in peril, nay doomed!


Inday Sara is Alvarez’s biggest calvary having vowed to campaign against the Speaker’s reelection.

Added to Inday Sara’s muscle is the Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP), a regional party she formed with governors of the Davao Region’s five provinces.

My crystal ball gives me this scenario: the governors descending on DavNor’s First District come 2019 to campaign side by side with Inday Sara to deliver the political death sentence on Congressman Alvarez.

Inday Sara and the governors have a chainsaw roaring ugly ready to cut Alvarez neck — the Speaker has called HNP an “opposition party” without the blessing of  President Rodrigo Duterte.

Alvarez has accused Inday Sara and the governors of organizing the HNP against President Rody!

For this mortal sin, Inday Sara has vowed to campaign against Alvarez in 2019.

My crystal ball trembles and what do I see? A very angry Inday Sara shouting “ASSHOLE!”


While Inday Sara is the most painful calvary for Alvarez, there are many other calvaries that the Speaker must face.

  1. His ouster as Speaker of the House of Representatives; but if he survives

  2. His former friend and political ally Congressman Antonio “Tonyboy” Floirendo, Jr. who is expected to open the Central Bank of Tadeco to fund a massive anti-Alvarez campaign.

  3. Alvarez, the estranged wife, if she grabs the HNP overture to run against her gallivanting husband, and her children on the campaign stage telling voters the truth about the Speaker during the election campaign.

  4. Former Governor Rodolfo “Dolfo” del Rosario challenging his reelection.

  5. Governor Anthony “AGR” del Rosario, whom Alvarez threatened to slap.

  6. The Catholic Church which condemned Alvarez for his authorship of House Bill 7303 allowing absolute divorce in the Philippines.

  7. Rank and file of Tadeco, whose JVA with BuCor has been questioned by Alvarez.

  8. Business and the community for threatening Tadeco and the local banana industry, DavNor’s biggest employer and taxpayer.

  9. Municipal mayors and barangay officials and voters of the 1st District fooled by the Speaker’s boast about release of billions of pesos of congressional funds

House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez could be the most hated government official in the kingdom of politics today.

He has quarreled practically with everybody, to the point that his ouster as Speaker is swirling in the halls of Congress.

He has been declared as “persona non grata” by a bloc inside the ruling PDP-Laban party of which he is secretary general, for his massive recruitment that opened the floodgates for narco-politicians.

He has threatened PDP-Laban members of the House with expulsion if they don’t toe party lines; he has warned zero budget for congressmen who would not vote yes to bills he endorsed.

Power is air, plenty of it and Alvarez’s is not only Speaker: He thinks and acts like he is the President!

What is my crystal ball’s prediction of the future of Mr. Loudspeaker, errr, Botbot, errr, Panty, errr, este Alvarez?