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SAP Go lauds EO vs. endo

“Corrects the imbalance between the interests of the employer and the workers” Special Assistant to the President Christopher “Bong” Go on Tuesday, Labor Day, lauded the signing of an executive order that bans illegal contractualization but noted that there is still so much to do to end the […]

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Duterte ends ‘endo’

Congress should do its part to amend the existing Labor Code President Rodrigo R. Duterte on Labor Day announced that he has signed the executive order (EO) banning illegal contracting or subcontracting which strengthens employees’ security of tenure. Duterte made this announcement in a speech delivered in Cebu […]

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Bong Go: More jobs for Filipinos

Vows to pursue work opportunities for all In the observance of the International Labor Day, Secretary Bong Go has vowed to explore and pursue various livelihood and job opportunities to help address the need of Filipinos looking for work. Go will accompany President Rodrigo Duterte in celebrating Labor […]

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