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DUTERTE to lead start of roadshow for Bato-Go tandem in 2022 election


No less than President Rodrigo Duterte will lead start of a national roadshow for the BAGO tandem (Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa for President and Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go for Vice President) of the ruling Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) for the 2022 elections.

The faction led by party president Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi iPDP-Laban will fire the starting gun to kick off the event in Iligan City on Saturday, October 16.

“It would be like a political rally that would include acknowledgment and raising of the hands of our official candidates in local posts, new members would take their oath and everyone would be given a chance to give their commitment to support the candidates of the party,” Melvin Matibag, party secretary-general, said on Friday.

Duterte in the event expected to be attended by some 250 local candidates, officials and leaders of PDP-Laban, will endorse the party’s local candidates, said Manubag.


 After detailed planning and numerous meetings, IBS Core Group voted to use the theme “One Green Mindanao: Mobilizing Bloggers to Promote Sustainable Lifestyle”.   The year’s summit will not only be a venue to converge Mindanao-based bloggers but also discuss issues on environment and to help formulate a better Mindanao through the promotion and the adaptation of a sustainable lifestyle.

 “With the prevalent issues on climate change, the Summit aims to promote natural balance and respect for the human symbiotic relationship with the Earth”, Ms. Yape stated.   She also wishes to invite all bloggers who are interested to attend the event and experience the vibrant Mindanao blogging community, and to share ideas and explore the potential impact of blogging and sustainable lifestyle.

MBS5 will have a pre-event activity Blogging 101 Seminar on September 22, 2011.   Among the topics to be discussed are the basics of blogging, web designing, online article writing and photography for the blogging enthusiasts and newbie bloggers.

As Iligan City has many tourist destinations the participants can visit,  IBS invites you to join the City Tour on October 30, 2011. One of the destinations to be visited will be the NPC Nature’s Park that houses the famous Maria Cristina Falls, for which Iligan City is famous for.

Updates on the details and how to register and participate in the Summit and City Tour will be released in the coming days.   You may register for Mindanao Bloggers Summit Email Updates at the  IBS Site or at the MBS5 Facebook Fanpage.   In the meantime, IBS would like to have your support by inviting your blogger friends to join us through your individual blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites account.

See you all in Iligan – the City of Majestic Waterfalls!

Mindanao Alliance for Peace



June 22, 2008

The Mindanao Alliance for Peace (MAP), a broad alliance of civil society organizations, people’s organization and individual peace advocates in Mindanao, strongly believes that a negotiated political settlement is still the best way of resolving the age-old conflict in Mindanao .

The alliance believes that prolonging the impasse in the peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will inevitably lead to war between the two protagonists. It could also tempt and invite anti-peace groups and peace spoilers to take advantage of the precarious situation.
The alliance is fully aware that when war breaks out between the GRP and the MILF, it will adversely affect not only the Bangsamoro people but the Filipino people as well. In like manner, the dividends of peace, will ultimately redound to the best interest not only of the Bangsamoro but also of the Filipino people.
Let everyone be reminded that engaging in war is always costly and catastrophic that it could deplete further the meager resources of the government that are better used instead on productive efforts.

To cast a little glance on how much the government spends on war campaign, the article, “ Mindanao : Land Raped and Plundered” gives us the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

Accordingly, during President Estrada’s all-out war in 2000, “PhP 6 billion was spent on war or a billion peso higher than what the government spent on building schools nationwide.”
The paper also claimed that the “cost of one 105mm howitzer fired to Buliok Complex is P730,000 or an equivalent to 1,123 bags of certified rice seeds at PhP650 per bag”. And the government did not spend on howitzer and mortar shell alone.

With this premises, the alliance issues the following manifesto:

We call the GRP and the MILF to immediately resume the peace negotiations between them and for them to honor the consensus points on ancestral domain that they already agreed upon. We see the immediate resumption of the peace talks as the only way to obviate the possibility of war that may break out in our midst once again.

We also call on the Philippine government to postponed the election in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) set on August 11, 2008. This undoubtedly poses as a hindrance in the peace talks. For even if a comprehensive peace agreement may be signed soon, the implementation of the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity (BJE) will take effect until the terms of the elected ARMM official shall have been finished. Clearly, holding the ARMM election is a sign that the government is not sincere in its peace negotiations with the MILF.

And, as we will all be victims when war erupts in ourt midst, we call on every Bangsamoro people and on every peace-loving individual, for that matter, to unite with us in letting our voices be heard that we want PEACE now for we have been suffering the brunt od war for so long.

Finally, we support, respect and uphold the legitimate struggle of the Bangsamoro People for freedom and right to self-determination.