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Puno: Covid-19, typhoons better handled under federalism

Crises ‘sharpen’ need for federalism

 November 29, 2020

Retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno has renewed his call for shift to a federal system of government, stressing that the distribution of powers and resources among regions would allow better distribution of assistance in areas severely affected by typhoons and the coronavirus disease… Read More


Duterte not for RevGov: Palace

MANILA – President Rodrigo Duterte remains against the calls of his supporters to declare a revolutionary government, Malacañang said Tuesday.“Nananatili pa rin ang paninindigan ni Presidente na hindi po kinakailangan ng revolutionary government sa ngayon dahil siya po ay isang… Read More

RevGov advocates’ proposal ‘strange, incomprehensible’

MANILA – The proposal of the pro-Duterte group seeking to establish a revolutionary government and adopt a new federal constitution is “strange and incomprehensible,” Malacañang said Wednesday.After getting snubbed by the President, the Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte – National… Read More

Pro Duterte demonstrators gather in Mendiola, Manila on November 30, 2017 calling for the establishment of a recolutionary government.

DUTERTE: Yes to Federalism, No to RevGov

ROQUE: Duterte has not abandoned his campaign promise but never considered establishing a revolutionary government

Pushing for federalism but not ‘RevGov’

President Rodrigo Duterte does not need to establish a revolutionary government to make true on his promise to push for a federal system of government, Malacañang said Monday.Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said Duterte has not abandoned his campaign promise but never… Read More

AFP will not support ‘RevGov’ call

DND chief wants probe

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will not support any effort to establish a “revolutionary government,” its spokesperson said on Monday.”It’s very clear to every soldier, airman, sailor, and marine that our unequivocal fidelity and unwavering loyalty is to the… Read More

Bishop hopeful of more ‘Nene Pimentels’ among politicians

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – As the late Senate President Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. is laid to rest Saturday, a Roman Catholic leader is hopeful emerging politicians will follow the path that the deceased political figure had taken–even in the face of repression.

pimentel dies
MORE NENE PIMENTELS. Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Antonio Ledesma celebrates a Holy Mass for the late Senate President Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel Jr. at the City Tourism Hall Thursday night, before the deceased public servant’s remains were brought back to Manila Friday. (PNA photo by Jigger J. Jerusalem) 

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma said Pimentel had shown the Filipino people “the face of a principled leader and an effective public servant.”

“He was an opposition during the time of martial law, which shows to the young people that working for righteousness and morality are still very important in public life,” Ledesma told reporters on the sideline of the necrological service dedicated for Pimentel at the City Tourism Hall Thursday night.

Ledesma said Pimentel was incarcerated several times during the time of former president Ferdinand Marcos but that “he did not bend down to the powers-that-be and instead chose to be on the dissenting side even if it meant being persecuted for what he believed in”.

“I call him a steadfast warrior, [who followed] a straight path in serving our country. And he did not make any political compromises. In fact, he was imprisoned four times during the martial law days because he really stood for working against authoritarianism,” Ledesma said.

The archbishop said he remains optimistic that younger elected officials and public servants will emulate Pimentel’s style of leadership.

“We hope there will be more Nene Pimentels to arise,” Ledesma said.

Although he conceded that the dream remains elusive “at present,” he draws hope from a number of local officials “who have shown promise.”

“We have young political leaders who are also conscientious. In fact, I would think that the new leadership of cities like Manila or even here in Cagayan de Oro are examples of good governance,” he said.

Ledesma is referring to Manila mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso, a first-time politician who introduced some drastic measures to clean his city, and Cagayan de Oro Mayor Oscar Moreno, who is now on his last term.

Ledesma said he expects politicians to stand by what they believe in, as far as being a good public servant is concerned.

“I would call Nene a good example of principled leadership. He stuck to his principles, and served our country with these,” he said. (PNA)



Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel


House OKs draft federal charter on final reading


The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved on third and final reading its proposed federal charter.

With 224 affirmative votes, 22 negative votes and three abstentions, the Lower Chamber approved Resolution of Both Houses 15, which seeks to propose revisions to the 1987 Constitution. It was principally authored by Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and over two dozen lawmakers.

The Constitution provides that any amendments or revisions may be proposed by Congress upon a vote of three-fourths vote of all its members.

The House of Representatives currently has 292 members. This means that at least 219 lawmakers are needed to vote in favor of the resolution.

RBH 15 proposes a presidential-bicameral-federal system of government and empowers Congress to establish federal states.

The term of the President and Vice President, which shall end in 2022, shall not be extended. The incumbent president is prohibited from running in the 2022 elections.

It seeks to adopt and develop a two-party system as a mechanism of representation and democratic governance.

The first election under the proposed constitution shall be held on the second Monday of May 2022.

The measure mandates that the President and Vice President maintain the same powers and functions as that of the 1987 Constitution. It, however, requires that a vote for the President shall also be a vote for the Vice President and the President and Vice President must be from the same party.

Their term of office under the draft constitution is also limited to four years with one year for re-election.

RBH 15 proposes the adoption of a bicameral legislature, wherein the House shall be composed of no more than 300 Members and the Senate shall be composed of 24 Senators.

It lifts the term limits for members of Congress and requires them to have a college degree.

The proposal does not contain an anti-political dynasty provision.

The resolution was put to a vote on second reading last week after only three session days of plenary debates. (PNA)