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An agenda to mislead the public

garcia ermin

A statement titled “SECOND OPINION” circulated on social media supposedly crafted by a group of doctors and health workers.

At first glance, the article appears to be genuinely concerned with the plight of the medical sector in the frontlines.

The issues raised in the article focusing on boosting efforts of the medical sector to help combat COVID-19 are valid and should be considered by the national government.
But when it pointed to the community quarantine as applied by IATF today as the source of the continued contagion of COVID-19, while insisting on quarantine based on health factors, the article was clearly leading to an agenda to mislead the public.
It is shortsighted of the medical sector behind the article to think that they, as medical practitioners, alone can properly implement a quarantine that will effectively check the contagion.
If the police, army and barangay officials are having difficulty imposing discipline and enforcing health protocol in communities, how can doctors, nurses, health workers even be remotely expected to compel their thousands of patients to strictly and observe home quarantine? And are they willing to accept responsibility for failure of communities to observe health protocols? If the medical workers already claim to be overworked and exploited, they are certainly asking for more than they can chew if they insist on their medical/health-led quarantine and reject IATFs policy.
The motive became more obvious and the article eventually lost its credibility by wading in politics, wittingly or unwittingly. Days earlier, medical associations vehemently and correctly denied politics as motivation behind their presscon. In sharp contrast, by demanding the ouster of Health Sec. Duque and all retired military officials and czars, while protesting the “fascist” system, the article fully exposed itself as a propaganda of the Makabayan bloc.
I stand corrected if my view that no doctor or health worker in his/her right mind who seeks to protect integrity of his/her profession would recklessly express support for extreme left’s politics, is wrong. Only the left wing groups use the word “fascist” liberally in everything they say and do.
So I strongly suspect that the list of claimed supporters that simply have (MD, RN) affixed to the names is fake. The names could have been easily drawn from a voters’ list.
So wonder no more if Sen Riza Hontiveros is loudly endorsing the article.
The article could still have earned some credibility expressing genuine concerns for welfare of medical sector if the list had included the affiliations of listed doctors and nurses with hospitals, offices and clinics, like when everyone is required to provide detailed info about themselves before entering any establishment.
Leave it to the creative political enemies of the government to exploit every conceivable misstep of government to destabilize it. By ERMIN GARCIA, Jr.

COMMENTARY: ERMIN GARCIA – Leni Robredo is not an obstructionist

Journalist Ermin Garcia, a critic of Vice President Leni Robredo, has an approving opinion for the leader of the political opposition and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte for her comment on COVID-19 urging Pinoys to join hands against the deadly virus.

Leni is not an obstructionist, for a change, said Garcia.

garcia ermin

But Garcia also wished that Robredo would also address her unity call to the ranks of the opposition that she leads.

On March 9 in a post in his Facebook account, Garcia spiced up his post with a  note that could also have aborted Leni’s  orgasm over getting praise from a severe critic:

“FINALLY, VP LENI SHOWS THE WAY.. Helpful message this one. Not the voice of an obstructionist, for a change.”

“Imagine impact if she does something similar, enjoining opposition to wash its mouth, sanitize it’s message, touch people’s heart and work as one with people and govt, for a better nation.”

“Hmmm wishful thinking. But we can dream, can’t we – for faster development and progress.”

ERMIN GARCIA: ABS-CBN charged for violation of franchise, not for abusive language or false statements

Press freedom cannot be invoked to defend and promote a media outlet’s business operations

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Not only does ABS-CBN have all the latitude and airtime to discuss and reject charges filed by Sol-Gen Calida. It has talents, writers, reporters, commentators to argue for it using ABS-CBN’s facilities That’s the exercise of press freedom as a constitutional right.


“Freedom of the press or freedom of the media is the principle that communication and expression through various media, including printed and electronic media, especially published materials, should be considered a right to be exercised freely.”- Wikipedia

The moment ABS-CBN’s reporters, commentators, anchors and officials are barred from airing their views in defense of the company, that’s curtailment of PRESS FREEDOM, a violation of the Constitution. (Although the rule on sub judice can also be invoked if warranted to prevent discussion of merits of the case)

If a journalist is charged in court for libel or media establishment for violation of laws, the charges cannot be regarded as a curtailment of, or violation of press freedom because the constitution provides for it.

Of course, complaints of libel and violation of franchise are regarded as harassment, but it’s also no different from how news subjects react to critical news reports and opinions aired or published by journalists about them.

In the case of ABS-CBN it is being charged for violation of its franchise, not for abusive language or false statements of reporters, commentators considered as libelous or false. So press freedom is simply not an issue because press freedom is for journalism practice limited only by libel law. Media establishments, on the other hand are governed by a different set of rules – ownership laws, employment laws, franchise laws, tax laws, ordinances, etc.

Hence, press freedom cannot, and should not be invoked to defend and promote a media outlet’s business operations. It’s totally irrelevant.

There’s a whale of difference in application. (Whether the case as quo warranto is correct, is a different story.)


SolGen just doing his job by filing petition vs. ABS-CBN

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