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FAKE NEWS: Inquirer, PhilStar, Rappler reports on ICC ruling vs. Duterte


By RIGOBERTO D. TIGLAO, The Manila Times

First of 2 parts
THE Philippine Star* last week ran a front-page story headlined “ICC sees crimes against humanity in Philippines drug war.” Its lead read: “The International Criminal Court has found ‘reasonable basis’ to believe that crimes against humanity were committed in President Duterte’s war on drugs, which has reportedly killed over 20,000 people since 2016.” The next day, Duterte’s critics were ecstatic over the report, with the Philippine Daily Inquirer banner story screaming: “Drug War Critics on ICC Report: Reckoning Near.”

ICC finds ‘basis to believe’ crimes vs humanity committed in Duterte’s drug war

These are outright lies.

They are “journalism” of the most despicable kind: They spread false, fake news. (The Star article even used the “20,000” figure, which has been proven to be totally without basis, with the government’s figure of about 6,000 fatalities accepted by most.) READ MORE



Power’s power

EDITORIALIt is wrong to say that Mindanao’s formula for development and progress hinges solely on giving an autonomous government to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

True the Bangsamoro government will usher in peace after decades of fighting between government forces and Moro insurgents clamoring for a bigger voice.

But there is another important factor needed to provide Mindanao with firepower to lure investors and spur progress and development.

The power of power or stable supply of electricity.

Where are we in so far as the power to propel industries is concerned?

In the inside page is a news report about an official of a government agency mapping out economic strategies for Mindanao.

He expects a flood of investors lured next year by the island’s power supply. He was not only talking about stable supply. He was assuring Mindanao will have “excess” power by 2015.

Indeed, hydropower plants, coal-fired power plants and other energy sources are sprouting up today in Mindanao.

For an island hobbled for many years by power crisis, the news about stable power supply is the biggest news in Mindanao today, with as much import as the creation of the Bangsamoro government.