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I fired 5 or 6 Cabinet members due to corruption

To stress that there is no room for the corrupt in his administration, President Rodrigo said he fired members of his Cabinet involved in corruption.

Duterte on Thursday said he has fired up to six Cabinet members due to alleged corruption, during a meeting in Lapu Lapu City with officers and members of the National Task Force and Regional Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (ELCAC).

Duterte put on the chopping block for alleged corruption a Cabinet official who had been a close supporter since his days as mayor of Davao City, early into his administration in early 2017.

Duterte did not name names of those he fired that he acknowledged to have helped in his election in 2016.

But you know you have to go. It pains me deeply too but I never realized that you are capable of doing it, said Duterte.

Duterte to name ‘most corrupt’ candidate for president to guide voters

“In due time… I will personally name the candidates and maybe what’s wrong with them na kailangang malaman ng tao because you are electing the president. Sino yung pinaka-corrupt na kandidato,” President Rodrigo Duterte said during his Talk to the People briefing on Tuesday.


“Hindi ako namumulitika (I am not politicking); I’m talking to you as your president… Ito kailangan ilalabas ko (I need to bring this out) because we are talking of elections. We are talking of our country and the next rulers so to say,” Duterte said.

DUTERTE to defend Cabinet ban in Senate Covid-19 fund mess probe

‘Most eager’ to answer legality of memo before SC

President Rodrigo Duterte said he is “most eager” to answer the legality of his order prohibiting executive branch officials, particularly Cabinet members, from attending the Senate Blue Ribbon committee hearings on the alleged overpriced procurement of medical supplies against Covid-19.

During the prerecorded “Talk to the People” aired Monday night, Duterte welcomed the move of the Senate Blue Ribbon’s panel to challenge before the Supreme Court (SC) the legality of his order.

“If you remember I have a memorandum prohibiting the Cabinet members and all executive officials appearing in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Hearing without my permission,” Duterte said.

Over the past three months, the committee panel, chaired by Senator Richard Gordon, has been conducting motu proprio inquiry into the procurement of the medical supplies through private firm Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corporation at the onset of the pandemic last year.Read More


PHARMALLY EXEC: No swindle; Senate hearing traumatic

MANILA – Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. executive Krizle Grace Mago on Monday said her statement before the Senate that the company “swindled” the government when it tampered with the expiration dates of the face shields was a “pressured response”.Mago told the House of Representatives that… Read More

Pharmally never delivered damaged Covid-19 supplies, says exec

MANILA – Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. official Krizle Grace Mago on Monday said the company never delivered damaged coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) supplies to the government as the firm conducts routine quality inspection prior to making deliveries.During the hearing of the House Good… Read More