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Bong Go files resolution commending and congratulating Filipinas team for their historic win in ASEAN Football Federation Women’s Championship

Recognizing the glory and honor they brought to the country, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go filed Senate Resolution No. 62 on Monday, July 25, commending and congratulating all of the members of the Filipinas Football Team for winning the country’s first-ever 2022 ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Women’s Championship last July 17 at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

Over 8,000 spectators witnessed the Filipinas’ historic win over the regional powerhouse Thailand War Elephants, 3-0. The Filipino team has already made history earlier this year by also clinching the Philippines’ first World Cup berth.

Go’s resolution exhibits his continuing efforts as Chair of the Senate Committee on Sports to promote long-term sports development in the country, particularly to encourage more sports programs, league competitions, and amateur sports, including training for international sports competitions, to instill self-discipline, teamwork, and excellence. READ MORE

BONG GO CALLS ANEW FOR PASSAGE OF Department of Disaster Resilience

Vows to provide assistance to victims of recent earthquake

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go renewed his call for the passage of his twin measures establishing the Department of Disaster Resilience and requiring the construction of mandatory evacuation centers following a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Northern Luzon.

Twin measures promoting disaster resilience

Senate Bill No. 188 aims to establish a Department of Disaster Resilience which will bring together all essential functions and mandates currently scattered among various disaster-related agencies. Once established, it shall be primarily responsible for implementing programs, projects and activities that ensure communities are disaster-resilient, adaptive and safe.

Go was prompted to refile the bill because “the Philippines’ experiences with natural disasters have shown that the existing laws, policies, resources, and institutional arrangements governing disaster management lacked responsiveness to the country’s requirements for disaster resilience.” READ MORE


Senator urges Filipinos to heed advice from gov’t, medical experts following detection of first case of monkeypox

With the confirmation of the first monkeypox case in the Philippines on Friday, July 29, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go called on health authorities to intensify further their awareness, detection, disease surveillance and containment efforts.

In a statement issued on the same day, the senator also urged the Filipino public to follow minimum health protocols and comply with the health advice from the government and medical experts.READ MORE

BONG GO stresses need to address woes of homeless Pinoys

Pushes for housing measures to build more resilient and decent houses for the homeless

Underscoring the need to address cases of homelessness in the country, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has once again pushed for his priority bills which aim to provide more resilient, affordable and decent houses to disadvantaged Filipinos across the country.

Go has refiled Senate Bill No. 192 and reintroduced SBN 426, providing for the Rental Housing Subsidy Program, and the National Housing Development, Production and Financing (NHDPF) Program, respectively, as part of his efforts to ensure that the homeless have access to decent yet affordable shelters.READ MORE

BONG GO TO MARCOS: Build on gains of Duterte administration

Vows support for PBBM legislative agenda

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go said that he is expecting President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. to outline his legislative agenda with special focus on pandemic response and full and inclusive recovery during his first State of the Nation Address on July 25.

Go, who serves as chair of the Senate Committee on Health, expressed his hope that President Marcos Jr. will give top priority to policies that will strengthen the country’s healthcare system, improve the nation’s ability to withstand natural disasters, and guarantee food security for Filipinos.

To help in advancing the agenda of the new administration, Go said that he has introduced his proposed legislative measures in the 19th Congress that will help improve and expand access to public healthcare services.READ MORE


Wants mandatory drug rehabilitation centers nationwide

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go remains focused on eliminating illegal drugs in the country as he refiled Senate bill No. 428 to establish a Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in every province throughout the Philippines.

Citing the remarkable gains from former president Rodrigo Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs, Go emphasized the need to continue the drug war campaign, adding how it has likewise addressed other issues, such as criminality and corruption.

As of February 2022, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency reported a total of 331,694 suspects arrested in the 229,868 drug war operations conducted since July 2016. Among the number of arrested syndicates, PDEA reported a total of 15,096 high-value targets. Authorities have also seized illegal drugs worth PhP89.29 billion across the country, including PhP76.17 billion worth of shabu.

Despite these achievements, Go, who heads the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, pointed out that the elimination of drug-related crimes does not solve everything. Attention must also be directed towards the rehabilitation and recovery of their victims.

Under the proposed measure, a drug rehabilitation center is required to be established in every province, under the supervision of the Department of Health.

The center shall provide care, treatment and accommodation to drug dependents; enhance their physical, psychological and social capability to cope with common problems; and provide after-care, follow-up and social reintegration services, among others.