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SHFC socialized housing program earns support of Bislig City

“We are really glad that finally, the housing program of the national government through the SHFC is implemented here in Bislig. Our dream and aspiration to provide affordable shelter and housing opportunities for our constituents, particularly the underprivileged and the homeless will finally come to reality through Community Mortgage Program (CMP) modalities offered by the SHFC.

assured that the city government will do its part by providing the necessary support and assistance to both the SHFC and the beneficiaries through their respective Homeowners Association.”-Hon. Florencio Garay, Bislig City Mayor

May be an image of 1 person and text that says '" We are really glad that finally, the housing program of the national government through the SHFC is implemented here in Bislig. Our dream and aspiration to provide affordable shelter and housing opportunity for our constituents particularly the underprivileged and the homeless will finally come reality thru CMP modalities offered by the SHFC. to Hon, Florencio Garay Bislig City Mayor SHFC shfcph Socia SootalHousnginancoporation Housing Fnn #KaagapayNgKomunidad BALAI LIPINO Communities'



The Social Housing Finance Corporation (SHFC) and Mayor Florencio Garay of Bislig City and Mayor Symond Caguiat of Sta. Josefa municipality of Agusan del Sur are expected to formally sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) on the Community Mortgage Program (CMP), the flagship program of the SHFC that provides low-cost housing to homeless members of organized community and homeowners associations. The AgSur mayors were briefed on October 30 on the program by Merry Cris Berdin, manager of SHFC Caraga and concurrent head of SHFC Southeastern Mindanao. Also present during the briefing were Bislig City councilor Jonathan Lagonero, Sta. Josefa planning office representative Carlo quijada and SHFC Caraga coordinator Paul Bangcas.


A local court has ordered the arrest of top officials of Kapa-Community Ministry International (Kapa), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said in a statement Wednesday.




SEC said the Regional Trial Court (RTC) of Bislig City issued Tuesday, February 11, warrants of arrest for Joel Apolinario, Kapa founder and president; Margie Danao, trustee; and Reyna Apolinario, corporate secretary.

Also included in the arrest warrant are Marisol Diaz, Adelfa Fernandico, Moises Mopia, and Reniones Catubigan. They are said to be Kapa promoters.

“The Warrants of Arrest were issued after prosecutors at the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed criminal charges against KAPA for violations of Republic Act No. 8799, or the Securities Regulation Code (SRC),” SEC said.

SEC said the DOJ has accused organization of “willfully, unlawfully and criminally” engaging in the selling or offering for sale or distribution of securities in the Philippines without a registration statement duly filed with and approved by the commission.

“Accordingly, the DOJ charged KAPA, along with Mr. and Mrs. Apolinario and Danao, of violating Sections 8 (8.1), 26.1 and 28 of the SRC. It also indicted Diaz, Fernandico, Mopia and Catubigan for violation of Section 26.1 of the SRC for promoting the investment scam,” the agency said.

It added that the DOJ further charged Diaz before the Antipolo RTC for violation of Section 28 of the SRC.

“Under Section 8 (8.1) of the SRC, securities shall not be sold or offered for sale or distribution within the Philippines without a registration statement duly filed and approved by the SEC. Section 26.1 further provides that it shall be unlawful for any person, directly or indirectly, in connection with the purchase or sale of any securities to employ any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud,” SEC said.

Section 28 states that “no person shall engage in the business of buying or selling securities in the Philippines as a broker or dealer, or act as a salesman, or an associated person of any broker or dealer unless registered with the SEC”.

The justice department also filed similar information against Mopia and Fernandico with the Quezon RTC Branch 93.

The Quezon RTC issued the warrants of arrest against Fernandico and Mopia on Dec. 2, 2019. The criminal proceedings stemmed from the complaint filed by the SEC on June 18, 2019 against Kapa for the alleged unauthorized sale or offering for sale or distribution of securities to the general public.

SEC said the warrants of arrest stemmed from a DOJ resolution on Sept. 25, 2019 after prosecutors found probable cause to charge Kapa, “affirming the findings of the commission”.

“[SEC] found KAPA to have enticed the public to invest at least P10,000 in exchange for a 30% monthly return for life, without having to do anything other than invest and wait for the payout,” it said.

SEC also found the organization to have employed a Ponzi scheme, an investment program that offers impossibly high returns and pays investors using the money contributed by later investors.

In 2017, the commission initially issued an advisory against Kapa, then later issued a cease and desist order on Feb. 14, 2019 and an order of revocation of the Kapa’s Certificate of Incorporation on April 3, 2019.

“In the interest of affected investors, the Commission, through the Anti-Money Laundering Council, likewise obtained a Freeze Order from the Court of Appeals on June 4, 2019 to preserve assets linked to KAPA,” SEC said.

SEC has also reiterated its reminder for the general public to exercise more caution and discernment as certain supporters and promoters of Kapa “peddled false information about the group’s supposed revival”.

In the same statement, SEC chairperson Emilio Aquino said: “It is about time that the people behind KAPA answer the criminal charges filed against them. May this serve as a reiteration of the Commission’s resolve to stamp out investment scams and shield the investing public from fraud and other abuses in the corporate sector.”

As of this writing, Kapa officials could not be reached for comment. (PNA)

Catholic Church opposes Prospero Pichay as PICOP receiver


Picop officials rapped for

filching company equipment


Picop Resources Inc. (PRI) officials in Bislig City in Surigao del Sur are taking advantage of a pending rehabilitation program by filching company equipment for lack of a receiver named by the court.

Catholic Church militant officials, appalled by the thievery in the company reeling from billions of pesos in debts, has called on the court to appoint the receiver at the soonest as they accused officials of the former biggest paper company in Asia of looting company equipment.

P7-billion debt

At the same time, the church officials are against a former politician and a losing senatorial candidate in the 2007 polls, known for his close alliances with PRI officials who sent the company to its present financial state, being named as receiver.

The Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) filed on May 5 this year the rehabilitation program with the Regional Trial Court 149 in Makati City, as it reels from a P7 billion debt incurred in a 30-year losing operation. LBP reportedly has a P1.8 billion loan exposure in PRI. Much of the woes have been heaped on former PRI chair Teodoro Bernardino’s mismanagement of the company.

Official thievery

The delay in the appointment of the receiver has given occasion to pilferage of millions worth of pesos of company properties in the millsites at Tabon, Bislig City, said the Catholic Church officials of the Diocese of Tandag in a comment on the PRI rehabilitation plan.

The church officials had earlier exposed the anomaly at PRI in a letter to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and the Senate.

“We are not only talking of ordinary pilferages but of looting of millions of pesos of company equipment facilitated by responsible personnel of PRI,” said the group, which did not name the officials involved, in the comment signed by priests and Catholic Church lay leaders published last week in the national papers.

No to Pichay

Former Surigao del Sur congressman Prospero Pichay has been recently named as chairman of the Board of Directors, amid apprehensions he is nothing but a decoy of former chair Bernardino, largely blamed for the current state of the beleaguered paper company.

Signatory to the comment Fr. Florio Falcon, Judicial Vicar and Parish Priest of St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Mangagoy, Bislig City, however, said he would oppose Pichay being named receiver by the court. He should have no role in the rehabilitation, said the activist priest. Other sources however said Pichay, a long-time ally of Bernardino, may have the influence to bag the position being close to Malacanang.


The receiver should not be handpicked by PRI or beholden to it. Otherwise, if such receiver will simply pursue Bernardino’s style of management, PRI will never be rehabilitated successfully, said the group in the comment. The Catholic Church officials in the comment said: There is need to overemphasize the urgency of the immediate appointment of the LBP’s qualified Receiver and his assumption of duties, to stop the looting.

In the comment, the church leaders explained why they want PRI saved from its current predicament beyond the control of Bernardino and under a receiver who could bail out the embattled company.

“PRI could provide direct employment of between four to five thousand people in Bislig City and indirectly ten thousand people or more for allied economic activities related to the reactivation of PRI as a wood-based industry,” they said.