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DAVAO DEL NORTE: Fear of Covid-19 scares off diarrhea outbreak victims from getting hospital treatment

Cases are on the rise in Barangay Tulalian as residents with severe conditions are hesitant to be hospitalized over fear of getting COVID-19

SANTO TOMAS, Davao del Norte (July 18, 2021)—The spurt of diarrhea cases that hit Barangay Tulalian was rising as the municipal government of Santo Tomas logged 124 fresh cases over the weekend, bringing in the total number of diarrhea cases to 295 as of Saturday, July 17.

Municipal Health Officer Dr. June Lim said that residents who fell ill with diarrhea have been forced to leave their homes and decided only to get treatment when their conditions continued to deteriorate.

“Nidaghan ang patients nato kay karon lang sila nigawas sa ilahang mga balay para magpatambal. Napugos na sila adto diri sa makeshift treatment facility kay dehydrated naman sila. Mao na ang rason na padayon ang pagtaas sa mga residente naigo sa diarrhea,” Lim said.

Lim said that sick patients opted to stay home because they’re hesitant to be sent in a hospital over fear that either they would get or be diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

“Nahadlok sila magadto diri kay ang uban dili sila gusto magpa admit sa hospital kay basig matagdan sila og COVID-19 o i-declare sila na COVID-19 positive. Mao kana ang rason nganong ingon ana ang volume sa patients na atong gitabangan,” Lim said.

124 cases

On Saturday, July 17, the Municipal Health Office (MHO) recorded 124 new cases after residents swarmed the makeshift medical treatment facility installed in the Barangay Tulalian’s covered court

Of the 124 new diarrhea patients, two were children, aged between 0 to 11 month, 20 were children, aged between 1 to 5 years old, 19 were children aged between 6 to 15 years old, 30 were adults, aged between 16 to 25 years old, 28 were adults, aged between 26 to 40 years old, and 25 were adults, aged 40 years old and above.

18 admitted patients

Fifteen patients were admitted at the Metropolitan Community Hospital, eight patients admitted at Estela Medical Clinic, 15 patients were admitted at Rivera Medical Center Inc., and 14 patients were admitted at Matutes Medical Clinic.

COVID-19 diarrhea?

But on Sunday, July 18, the MHO said that 11 patients who fell ill with diarrhea did not have the symptom of dehydration. This prompted the Provincial Health Office of Davao del Norte to recommend that patients should be subjected to a reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to rule out “COVID-19 diarrhea.”

“Mao kini ang development karong adlaw. Pipila ka mga pasyente naay diarrhea pero walay dehydration. Ang advise gikan sa PHO tanang patients na symptomatic ug severe ipailalom sa RT-PCR Test para ma rule out na ang diarrhea na nasinati sa uban ay possible hinungdan ay COVID-19,” Lim said.

The 11 patients registered on Sunday was not yet included in the latest case tally submitted to the PHO as this was a developing scenario happening on the ground

. But Lim said that as early as now, the Santo Tomas LGU is taking a more progressive measures to contain the outbreak in the community such as the strict enforcement of COVID-19 Safety Protocols with Barangay Tulalian COVID-19 Task Force leading the campaign in the community.

Enforcement of protocols

As this developed, Mayor Ernesto Evangelista urged the Barangay Tulalian officials to complement the efforts of the Santo Tomas LGU in the ground as the municipal government is facing health issues in two fronts: the diarrhea outbreak and COVID-19 pandemic.

“Manawagan ko sa tanang opisyales, purok leaders sa Barangay Tulalian na magtinabangay kitang tanan. Dili kita magkompyansa kay duha ka problema atong ginasubang karon ang diarrhea ug ang COVID-19. Naa naman development sa ground na and hinungdan sa diarrhea sa uban kay COVID-19 tungod wala man sila nasinati na dehydration,” Evangelista said.

Evangelista also reminded the Barangay Tulalian residents to boil their drinking water to avoid water-borne diseases. The Santo Tomas LGU, he said, began rationing potable water and tap water for household use in the village since Saturday.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Meanwhile, Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña earlier requested business entrepreneur Mr. Alfonso Mascardo of AquaPure to provide potable water to Barangay Tulalian to prevent a diarrhea outbreak.TADECO’s medical facility also accommodated patients who fell ill with diarrhea, according to Lapiña.

Davao del Norte Governor Edwin Jubahib, and the 2nd District Congresman Alan Dujali also provided medicines, bottled water, and other medical and health support for the patients and the medical personnel who were on the frontline of giving health and sanitation services.

Lapiña thanked Governor Jubahib and Congressman Dujali, AquaPure and TADECO for the assistance and support they extended to the efforts and response of the Santo Tomas LGU in dealing with the diarrhea outbreak.

Santo Tomas LGU declares diarrhea outbreak in Barangay Tulalian

SANTO TOMAS, Davao del Norte (July 17, 2021)—Mayor Ernesto Evangelista declared a diarrhea outbreak on Saturday, July 17, in the wake of the death of two residents of Barangay Tulalian and 47 others, who were confined in public and private hospitals.

“Naay diarrhea outbreak sa Barangay Tulalian kay pipila ka residente nagsige og suka, ug kalibanga. Sukad na gipahibalo sa atoa ang maong sitwasyon, nagpadala dayon kita og Quick Reaction Team para maghatag og assistance sa mga residente ug para imbestigahan ang maong panghitabo,” Mayor Ernesto Evangelista said Saturday.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says '#BAGONGSANTOTOMAS THE EVANGELISTALEGACY PUBLIC BRIEFING OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL INFORMATION OFFICER JULY 17, 2021 9:30 AM MO9 MUNICIPA TRUTH urbias. SAMOTOHAS_DAVAODEINOE NEWS ALERT AKSYON SA KALUSUGAN 171 1CASES, 1DEATH: SANTO TOMAS LGU DECLARES DIARRHEA OUTBREAKIN BARANGAY TULALIAN AKSYON SOLUSYON Mayor Ernesto Evangelista declared a diarrhea outbreak on Saturday, July 17 in the wake of the death of two residents› Barangay Tulalian and 47 others, who were confined in public and pri- vate hospitals. #BagongSantoTomas #EvangelistaLegacy #DisiplinadongTomasino'

Evangelista said the Quick Reaction Team (QRT) was spearheaded by the Municipal Health Office headed by Dr. June P. Lim together with the medical health workers, and the MHO’s Sanitation Team.

The Santo Tomas LGU quickly dispatched two doctors and eight nurses in Barangay Tulalian to assist and provide health and sanitation services to the affected residents.

Evangelista added that the local government has provided potable water to affected areas to ensure the outbreak would not escalate.

171 diarrhea cases, one death

According to Municipal Health Officer Dr. June P. Lim, there were 171 residents of Barangay Tulalian who were diagnosed with Acute Diarrhea Secondary to Amoebiasis.

Of the 171 registered cases, 24 cases (1-5-year-old), 43 cases (6-15-year-old), 29 cases (16-25-year-old), 27 cases (26-40-year-old), and 48 cases (40-year-old and up).

As of Saturday, MHO reported one death so far —a 58-year-old male resident who experienced loose bowel movement, stomach pain and vomiting.

-seven residents were rushed to both private and public hospitals; some are still recovering while others were discharged. Puroks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, and 15A were identified by the MHO to be the affected areas with 128 households in Barangay Tulalian.

On Friday, the MHO’s health personnel provided medical care to several residents who suffered amoebiasis, a water-borne ailment.

The Barangay Tulalian’s covered court was turned into a makeshift medical facility where severely dehydrated patients—young children and adults— were immediately given first-aid treatment. Inside the covered court were plastics beds arranged in row with affected patients crunching in pain due to stomach pain and vomiting, the usual symptoms of diarrhea.

DIARRHEA OUTBREAK. Sto. Tomas Municipal Administrator Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña (left) checks the water reservoir of Tulalian Water Association (TUWASA) on Friday (July 16, 2021), after the reported diarrhea outbreak in Barangay Tulalian in the town. A resident died of diarrhea while 47 others were hospitalized. (Photo courtesy of Sto. Tomas Municipal Information Office

Ongoing probe

Charlemagne Fernandez, the MHO Administrator, said the Santo Tomas LGU and the MHO began its investigation to determine what caused the outbreak. But the Environment Sanitation Report from the MHO revealed that the water system source in the area was possibly contaminated because of the water’s poor quality due to poor chlorine disinfection.

Such finding was based on the ocular inspection conducted by the Sanitation Team and random interviews with the Tulalian Water Association (TUWASA) personnel.

Fernandez, however, said the result of the initial probe is not yet conclusive as the official result of the microbiological water analysis is expected to be released on Monday, July 19. Apart from this, Fernandez said the MHO was also waiting for the results of the 15 patients who were subjected to rectal swabbing that would help them determine the bacteria in the patients’ feces.


On Wednesday, July 14, three Barangay Tulalian residents sought medical help in the MHO after they complained of experiencing loose bowel movement, stomach pain and vomiting, the usual symptoms of diarrhea.From three, 16 others visited the MHO the following day Thursday; alarmed with the influx of patients, the MHO immediately visited the barangay and found out that other residents reportedly fell ill with suspected diarrhea believed to have been caused by contaminated drinking water.

As early as Thursday, the MHO had assisted the patients who fell ill as some were recommended for admissions in hospitals for treatment.

The MHO informed Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña about the developing case in Barangay Tulalian.

This prompted her to take immediate action to save lives and prevent the spread of the diarrhea in the community.

Lapiña said that the Punong Barangay Jeronimo Gumanid Jr. informed her of the situation only Thursday evening when cases were already surging.


Upon instruction of Mayor Ernesto Evangelista, Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña went immediately to the area early Friday, July 16 and brought the QRT personnel from the Municipal Health Office to assess the situation and provide the needed assistance to the affected community.

Lapiña said the Santo Tomas LGU provided potable water, installed a makeshift treatment facility in Barangay Tulalian covered court, meals, and other medical support to patients complaining of severe diarrhea.

The Santo Tomas LGU also provided new water containers and water-purification chemicals to the affected areas while residents have been briefed about cleaning their surroundings and maintaining proper sanitation to prevent another outbreak.

“Padayon ang atong pagmonitor sa sitwasyon para masigurado nato na walay na madugang na biktima,” Lapiña said.

To avoid future outbreaks, Lapiña urged the Barangay Tulalian to sit down with TUWASA to discuss on how to improve the water supply in the barangay. She added that the Santo Tomas LGU is readily available to guide and improve water services delivery in the area.

DIARRHEA outbreak kills 1, downs 171 others in Davao del Norte barangay

Contaminated water from a community water system is initially blamed in a diarrhea outbreak in a barangay in Sto. Tomas , Davao del Norte that killed a 68-year old victim and downed 171 others on Thursday night.

May be an image of child, standing and indoor

Mart Sambalud, Sto. Tomas municipal information officer, confirmed the lone death and the number of victims in the outbreak in Barangay Tulalian.

A quick response team sent out by Mayor Ernesto Evangelista to the stricken barangay immediately brought the severely-affected victims to private and public hospitals following reports Thursday night of the incident, said Sambalud in a phone interview Friday afternoon with Davao City-based radio station SuperRadyo .

Sambalud said an investigation is ongoing to determine cause of the outbreak that includes a privately-run water system that provides drinking water to the barangay.

Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña led the health efforts on Friday, July 16 after several residents complained of experiencing loose bowel movement, stomach pain and vomiting, the usual symptoms of diarrhea.

Upon instruction of Mayor Evangelista, Evangelista-Lapiña immediately brought the personnel from the Municipal Health Office to provide the needed assistance to the affected community.

Municipal Health Officer Dr. June P. Lim and other health personnel provided medical care to several residents who suffered amoebiasis, a water-borne ailment.

The MHO’s Sanitation Team also inspected the community to identify the root cause of the problem.

The MHO is supervising household chlorination and intensifying community information and education campaigns on environmental sanitation.

As of Friday, the MHO provided 13 plastic beds, meals, and other medical support to the patients who were housed temporarily in the barangay covered court.

May be an image of 3 people, people standing and outdoors


Residents of Barangay Salvacion inSanto Tomas in Davao del Norte have received immediately their food packs from the Municipal Government of Santo Tomas through the auspices of the Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWDO) after Mayor Ernesto Evangelista learned that a flooding occurred in three puroks of the said barangay.

Low-lying portions of Barangay Salvacion were among the affected areas after rainfall and water from the higher parts of the province trickled down and swelled the nearby river.

“Nihatag dayon kita og food assistance sa mga residenteng apektado diha sa Barangay Salvacion. Tungod aning ulan na atong nasinati sa tibuok probinsiya sa Davao del Norte.

May be an image of 1 person and outdoors

“Nisaka ang tubig sa pipila ka suba ug water tributaries apil na diha ang tubig gikan sa bukid. Mao kining ang hinungdan nganong pipila ka purok sa maong barangay ang nabahaan,” Mayor Ernesto Evangelista said.

He thanked Barangay Salvacion Punong Barangay Ronald Galo for the prompt response in preparing the list of the affected families who will be receiving the food assistance.

“Dako atong pasalamat kay Punong Barangay Ronald Galo kay paspas nakahatag og listahan sa mga apektadong residente. Kini timailhan na ang mismong Kapitan sa barangay nangulo mismo sa magmonitor ug paghatag og serbisyo para sa iyang mga residente sa maong barangay,” Evangelista said.

He added that flood victims from Barangay Salvacion were given immediate assistance because of Punong Barangay Ronald Galo’s leadership, saying Galo is a hands-on leader and pro-active in providing the needs of his constituents. Based on the list provided by MSWDO, there were 240 families have received food assistance from the Santo Tomas LGU.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, outdoors and tree

Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapina likewise praised Galo for the fast coordination it had with the Santo Tomas LGU especially in the context of providing assistance to the families affected by the disasters and specifically to address the urgent needs of the affected communities.

Lapina said the Santo Tomas LGU is in constant coordination with the Barangay Local Government Units to deliver much-needed goods and services to the displaced.

They formed part of an assessment team to find out how many families are being affected by the massive flooding or any eventual disasters that may strike.

“Sa panahon kalamidad labi na sa hisgutanang baha, dako ang papel sa Barangay Kapitan para mailhan nato kinsa ang mga pamilya ang mahatagan og food assistance. Dako ilang papel sa pagmonitor sa ilahang komunidad para mahibal-an nato sa LGU kung kinsa ang mahatagan og hinabang,” Lapina said.

DAVAO DEL NORTE: New birthing facility for Sto. Tomas barangay

The “Aksyon Sa Kalusugan” program of Mayor Ernesto Evangelista of Sto. Tomas town in Davao del Norte has established a Safe Birthing Facility in Barangay Kimamon to provide a safe and sustainable birth center to give mothers and their children access to health care providers.

Municipal administrator Atty. Eliza Evangelista-Lapina said the Barangay Kimamon Safe Birthing Facility is expected to provide efficient and effective basic services and facilities that will upgrade the quality of community life that includes health and social welfare programs and project on primary health care, maternal and child care, child and youth welfare, family and community welfare, women welfare, elderly and disable person welfare, nutrition services and reproductive health and family planning.

To ensure the smooth implementation of the program, Mayor Evangelista has assigned a full-time midwife in person of Ms. Rowela Naungayan to oversee the operations of the facility and the implementation of the various health and maternal services offered by the birthing facility.

Evangelista said it is the primordial responsibility of Santo Tomas LGU to ensure the safety of infants who will be borne, the mothers who will give birth and the health of new born infants in Barangay Kimamon.

To complement such commitment, the Evangelista administration had purchased a brand new PTV through a counter-parting scheme in a bid to improve the Barangays emergency medical response system. This is to improve the quality of life and its desire to bring public health services faster to the residents of Barangay Kimamon. 

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FEATURE: Eliza Evangelista Lapina: From fighting communist rebels to promoting good governance

If pushing for good governance in Santo Tomas town in Davao del Norte is an easy job for lawyer Eliza Evangelista-Lavina, this is because she used to come from a place where many people fear to tread.

Before being named as Municipal Administrator of Sto. Tomas munipality, Evangelista Lapinaplayed a key role in a special body aiming to drive away communist rebels in Davao City’s highland district of Paquibato, by bringing government closer to the people.

PEACE 911 formed by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte brought basic government services to the epicenter of the communist insurgency in the tri-boundaries of Davao Region-Bukidnon-Cotabato area.

As Peace 911 Focal Person, Eliza Evangelista Lapina coordinated a monthly caravan of city agencies bringing health, agriculture, legal, social, education, cooperatives, civil registry, land transportation and other basic services to 14 barangays of the mountainous district. Peace 811 also enhanced community peace with presence of police and military which also engaged in road repair and construction.

Sto. Tomas town is lucky to have Eliza Evangelista-Lapina helping her father, Mayor Ernesto “Tatay Erning” Evangelista , in steering the town to progress and development through good governance.

On September 16, 2019, the young lady lawyer was named as Municipal Administrator of Sto. Tomas. She was this time at the forefront of a new war—not of the communist insurgency—but ridding the municipal government’s bureaucracy of “corruption and malpractices.”

Attorney Elai

Fondly called as “Attorney Elay,” Elisa, as the chief administrative officer, will coordinate, lead and direct the department heads, officers and employees in the administration of the municipality in accordance with the policies and plans approved and established by the local chief executive.


Administrating the affairs of the municipality is a managerial skill that Lapina is adept at.

During her stint as the Peace 911’s head, she has proven herself not just a hands-on leader but also good at coordinating, and working both with the masses and government agencies.

Peace 911 was implemented in Davao City in compliance to President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order 70 or the Whole of Nation Approach in Attaining Inclusive and Sustainable Peace.

The success of Peace 911—its principles and mechanisms—is now seen as a template to implement EO 70 and replicate the best practices of the peace and development initiative across the country.

Corrupt-free governance

Like her mayor-father, Elisa takes the job seriously. It took her several months to decide and vacate her post as the Peace 911 focal person under the leadership of Presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara “Inday” Duterte.“

It takes a lot of discernment to leave a job that I am passionate about. But my decision to help and join in the administration of Tatay Erning is perhaps my response to a higher calling of public service.

It is a tough job, really,” Lapina, a peace and rights advocate, said.

When asked what prompted her to resign as Peace 911 focal person, Elisa said she wants to help her mayor-father lead a “corrupt-free” governance while giving the constituents of Santo Tomas the services they had long been deserved.

“My father wants to leave a legacy of corrupt-free governance. Of course, we don’t do it overnight or by Thano’s snap. Removing corruption in the bureaucracy is a painstaking step to begin with. But it has to be done,” she said.

“My father wants to leave a legacy of corrupt-free governance. Of course, we don’t do it overnight or by Thano’s snap. Removing corruption in the bureaucracy is a painstaking step to begin with.

But it has to be done,” she said. She would later confirm cases of corruption involving some municipal officials and admit that it would take time to do more intelligence gathering to build up cases against them.

“Not under my father’s term,” she warned, adding that malpractices performed by municipal officials and conduct unbecoming by wayward employees must be fixed to allow the delivery of public services unhampered.

“I think the message is clear and that is we need to exact a high and exacting standards of honesty in public service. Tatay Erning’s political will to stamp out corruption in the municipal government’s bureaucracy remains resolute,” Elisa said.

Unseen hand

While critics of her mayor-father say that she’s the “unseen hand” behind the major revamp in terms of the structure, assignments and affairs in the municipal government, Elisa, with equal bravado, said:

“Let them rant ‘till Kingdom come. They are entitled to their opinion, anyway.”She described the changes his mayor-father implemented since he took his office as the town mayor last July 1 as nothing but “compliance to all the law.”“We only corrected what needs to be corrected. It is expected that along the process, some will squeak because the new bureaucracy won’t favor them,” she said. New brand of public service

What inspired her perhaps was her motivation to render a new brand of public service emanating from her mayor-father’s politics of performance. “A government that is sensitive to the needs of people.

is what drives me and motivates me each day,” she said. “The people of Santo Tomas should feel that the government is working for them,” she said. Prior to her assumption as the municipal administrator, Lapina spent 20 years in the government service.

She was designated by Presidential Daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte as one of the members of Davao City Advisory Committee on Peace and Development until appointed to be the focal person of Davao City’s Peace 911.

She worked as a Computer Programmer back in 1999 in the local government unit of Davao.

She completed her Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Mindanao as a working student

Shen then pursued Bachelor of Law and passed the Bar exam in 2012. In 2012, Lapina was appointed as Attorney IV in the City Legal office by then Mayor and now President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

Reprinted with minor revisions, originally published in Municipal Government of Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte, September 16, 2019

DAVAO DEL NORTE: Sto. Tomas Mayor Evangelista partners with Gas Island to offer P4 per liter discount for Tomasino pedicab drivers

Validated pedicab drivers or operators here who received a “Tomasino Pedicab Driver” sticker from the Municipal Government of Santo Tomas can avail the P4.00 off per liter on gasoline fuels effective June 28.

This comes after Mayor Ernesto Evangelista and Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña have teamed up with Gas Island to provide the fuel discount promo on fuel purchases intended for the Tomasino pedicab drivers and operators.

“Dako atoang pasalamat sa management sa Gas Island kay tungod positibo silang nakig-alayon sa Santo Tomas LGU na makabuhat kini og programa na makabenepisyo ang atoang mga Tomasinong pedicab driver dinhi sa Santo Tomas. Kining P4.00 discount na ihatag sa ilaha mao kini ang usaka programa na makahatag pud ang Santo Tomas LGU og saktong serbisyo para sa transport sector na sukad-sukad wala naatiman sa mga nilabay na administrasyon,” Mayor Evangelista said.

Evangelista said the fuel discount promo was conceived because his administration wants to help the transport sector whose livelihood was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He added that his administration is grateful for the support being extended by the management of Gas Island, saying that this is the best time to give back to our pedicab drivers and operators for them to have an opportunity to save on expenses, especially on essential products such as fuel.How to avail the P4.00 per liter fuel discount.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says '#BAGONGSANTOTOMAS THE EVANGELISTALEGACY MUNICIPA TRUTH bias. bias. PUBLIC BRIEFING OFFICE THE MUNICIPAL INFORMATION OFFICER JUNE 27, 2021 8:00 PM #AMOTOHISDAVAN NEWS ALERT MUNICIP PROUD TOMAS OF PEDICAMASINO AKSYON SA TRANSPORTASYON EVANGELISTA ADMIN, GASISLAND OFFER LITER FUEL DISCOUNT FOR VALIDATED TOMASINO PEDICAB DRIVERS AKSYON SOLUSYON This comes after Mayor Ernesto Evangelista and Mu- nicipal A”minitraor Atty. Elisa Evangelista -Lapina have teamed up with Gas Island to provide the fuel dis- count promo on fuel purchases intended for the Tomasi- no pedicab drivers and operators here. #BagongSantoTomas #EvangelistaLegacy #DisiplindongTomasin'

Starting June 28 at 5 AM, Gas Island will begin offering P4 off per liter on gasoline fuels.

The validated pedicab drivers just need to show their registered sticker to avail the fuel discount. The sticker must be posted in the vehicle’s windshield so that the Gas Island employee could quickly validate it.

The good news is —as long as they have the validated sticker, Tomasino pedicab drivers and operators can avail huge discounts to avail the promo offers.

The sticker is not transferrable since Gas Island was also in receipt of the validated list of pedicab drivers and operators. As stricter quarantine guidelines are being enforced, the management of Gas Island would like to show its support to the Evangelista administration and, by extension, to the pedicab drivers and operators who are considered essential workers who have been at the forefront of our battle against Covid-19.

Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapiña expressed her gratitude for the Gas Island partnership.“

Nalipay kita kay tungod aning partnership nato sa Gas Island makahatag ang Santo Tomas LGU og serbisyo para sa atong transport sector. Atua kini gina lantaw na programa isip usa ka long term commitment kauban ang Gas Island para sa atong transport sector. We are happy with the start of our partnership with Gas Island with fuel discounts for our Tomasino pedicab drivers and operators,” Lapiña said.LikeCommentShare