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Presidential frontrunner Rody Duterte, who has warned that the drug situation in the country has reached dangerous proportions, was proven right when an active Marines colonel and a Chinese national were arrested in a drug raid in Sta. Cruz, Manila.


Col. Ferdinand Marcelino of the Philippine Marines and Chinese national Yan Yi Shou, 33, were arrested by a combined force of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and the Philippine National Police Anti Illegal Drugs Group in a raid ON January 21.

Seized during the raid were 64 kilos of “shabu” with an estimated street value of P320-million.

Marcelino, the highest ranking military officer arrested in the anti-drug campaign, was the director of the Special Enforcement Service of the PDEA before he joined the Marines.

Yan Yi Shou, according to the report served as a Chinese interpreter of the PDEA and had worked with Marcelino in the past.

A PDEA statement said the raid was conducted on the basis of a search warrant issued by Quezon City Regional Trial Court based on the report that the place was used as a storage facilities of illegal drugs.

Agents, however, discovered a large clandestine drug laboratory where Col. Marcelino and Shou were also arrested.

PNP-AIDG Spokesperson Chief Inspector Roque Merdeguia said both Marcelino and You were inside the drug laboratory when the raid was made.

The raid and the subsequent arrest of Col. Marcelino came on the heels of statements issued by Presidential front runner Rody Duterte that the illegal drugs situation in the country has gotten worse and that top government officials were already getting involved in the drug trade.

Duterte also warned that unless stopped, the country could become a narco state very much like Colombia and Mexico in South America where drug cartels have become so powerful that they direct engage government forces in armed encounters.

At the Presidential Forum in La Salle University in Metro Manila yesterday, Duterte warned that the campaign against drugs and criminality could be bloody.

He, however, assured the country that if elected President, he would stop the drug trade in six months.

Duterte has promised that he would step down as President if the Filipino people did not feel any improvement in the illegal drugs and crime situation in the country in the first three years of his Presidency.


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warned of a revolutionary government should Congress not scrap the pork barrel fund of lawmakers.


Duterte said he would move to dissolve Congress and impose martial law if the lawmakers refuse to cooperate with him should he be elected president.

“That would be an extreme option. Martial law by its nature is to meet the contingencies of rebellion and invasion. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth to say it. But if Congress will not agree to let go of the money which the people of the Philippines do not like, and if I force the issue and they threaten me with impeachment, then we will have a constitutional crisis. The pillage must stop,” he said.

Duterte said as president, he would be entrusted by the people to stop all forms of corruption and plunder. READ MORE FROM NEWS SOURCE


Administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas is pinning hope on grabbing the Mindanao vote after being enthroned as datu by the Royal Sultanate of Lanao.


“The incoming President of the Philippines,” was how Roxas, carrying the banner of the ruling Liberal Part in the 2016 May election, was introduced during a simple enthronement ceremony in Marawi City on January 12.

Present during the proclamation were ARMM Gov. Mujiv Hataman and Lanao del Sur Gov. Mamintal Adiong Jr. and leaders of the Federation of the Royal Sultanate of Lanao which represents 16 royal houses of the sultanate in Lanao del Sur.

Roxas was conferred the Amai Pakpak Award named after a Maranao hero in the Moro struggle against the Spaniards during the Spanish colonization of Mindanao and presented with a plaque declaring him as an adopted son of Lanao.

Roxas, in his acceptance speech, hoped the honorary title could secure for him the Mindanao vote and boost his chances of winning the presidential race.

Despite the support of President Benigno Aquino, Roxas, former Interior secretary, has consistently tail-ended pre-poll surveys for presidential preference in the race against front runners Vice President Jejomar Binay, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Senator Grace Poe. Roxas has fared badly in surveys of the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia, sharing the bottom spot in nationwide and Mindanao surveys with fifth candidate Senator Miriam Santiago.

The proclamation of Roxas, however has drawn the hackles of some Muslim leaders, who tagged Roxas as “anti-Muslim.”


“This is the height of impropriety!” wailed Norodin Lucman Alonto, who sees politics in the proclamation of Roxas.

Alonto, a scholar and peacekeeper who spent years as among prime movers in the quest for peace in Mindanao, in a post in his Facebook account, said: “  I am a member of major Sultanates of Mindanao and Sulu and I am sworn to protect its dignity and honor.”


digong 1

Ahead of the start of the campaign period for the May elections, campaigners of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte are holding a two-day planning session in Davao City.

Duterte  carries the banner of the PDP/Laban in the 5-cornered presidential race.

The two-day national campaign conference is led by campaign manager Leoncio Evasco, Jr. and will be attended by Mayor Duterte and campaign team members from various regions and lines of work.

Evasco said the composition of the campaign team is vast and draws strength from the experiences of the nation-wide Listening Tour on Federalism of Mayor Duterte early last year as well as individual experiences in previous electoral contests at the local, regional and national levels, reports the online news DAVAO BREAKING NEWS. READ MORE





Doubts have been cast over the veracity of an alleged report detailing rivals of administration presidential candidate Mar Roxas as the biggest spenders on television advertisements last year.

Vice President Jejomar Binay of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) and independent Senator Grace Poe were tagged as the biggest spenders on television ads in the alleged report by Nielsen Philippines.

The report quoting data from an alleged  monitoring report by the media research firm said Binay spent P595,713,000 on TV ads from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30 last year.

The second biggest spender was Poe with P448,166,000.

She is followed by Liberal Party standard bearer Roxas with P424,870,000 and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, of PDP/Laban,  with P115,423,000.

presidents 2

The report said the top four presidential candidates spent nearly P1.6 billion on television advertisements in 2015.

Sources in the opposition camps said the alleged Nielsen report could be a fakery fed to media to discredit rivals of  Roxas. The sources asked anonymity as they conduct an investigation to identify the persons behind the publication of the allegedly fake Nielsen report.

This suspicion was raised as the camp of Roxas jubilated over the alleged Nielsen report which placed the administration bet behind Binay and Poe.

It is clear that among the first presidential candidates who declared their candidacy, our candidate was the lowest in terms of ad spending, Akbayan party-list Rep. Ibarra Gutierrez said in the report.

Gutierrez is the spokesman of the Koalisyon ng Daang Matuwid, the coalition of political parties backing Roxas.

He also took a swipe at the spending of Duterte, Roxas’ harshest critic, who had the smallest figure on TV ads.

Duterte has  the lowest expenditure because he declared his presidential bid at a later date, said Gutierrez.

Over opposition accusation that Roxas’ campaign would be funded by Malacanang with people’s money, Gutierrez assured the public that the ad expenses of Roxas came from legitimate sources.

Poe was amazed that she could have spent that much as quoted in the report to land as the second top spender after Binay.

The camp of Binay also disputed the figure alleged to have been spent by the Vice President on TV ads and suspected there is forgery.

We assure the public that we spent less than that, said Joey Salgado, spokesman for media affairs of Binay.

Salgado also expressed doubt on the veracity of the Nielsen figures in the report.

He said he knows that the research firm has not yet released its monitoring  data for 2015.

Disputing the figures in the report, Salgado said  Binay spent less than some candidates who advertised heavily in national, cable, provincial TV and radio.

The suspicion by opposition camps that the alleged Nielsen report is the handiwork of the administration, follows their allegation that Roxas in connivance with President Benigno Aquino are out to derail the presidential bids of their candidates.

Poe  has said the disqualification case filed with the Commission on Elections (Comelec) that sought to stop her from running for President was engineered by the administration.

Binay said the Senate Blue Ribbon sub-committee that investigated his alleged anomalies while mayor of Makari City was orchestrated by senators  under the baton of Malacanang.

Duterte had also accused Roxas as behind a journalist who spread the story in social media that he is not running for President as he is suffering from cancer of the throat.


Vice presidential aspirant Senator Alan Peter Cayetano is repackaging himself into another Rodrigo Duterte, his standard bearer in the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino/Laban (PDP/Laban) in the 2016 elections.

Mouthing dire warnings like the Davao City mayor, Cayetano warned that their tandem if elected would cut down criminality, drug trafficking and corruption into half in one year.

Duterte is running on an iron-fist anti-criminality and ant-corruption campaign.

Duterte, aka Digong, is accused by human rights groups as behind the Davao Death Squad (DDS), said to be behind the extrajudicial killings in Davao City.

He said he would replicate throughout the country if he is elected president his no-mercy anti-criminality campaign in Davao City.

One of his Christmas messages was for criminals to take the straight part under his presidency if they would not like to be spending their last Christmas this year.

Morphing into another Duterte, Cayetano in a statement said:

“My advice to the criminals, the drug lords, and the corrupt is to include turning over a new leaf in their New Year’s resolutions. The moment we have Duterte as president, this will be the last happy Christmas you will celebrate.”

“Filipinos are tired of rampant crime and corruption in  government. When it comes to these problems, these should not be forever. Real change is needed, and it is needed now,” he said.


We will not see the spectacle of Rodrigo Duterte and his motor mouth spewing out torrents of bullets in a debate with Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

The Davao City mayor, now leading in surveys for presidential preference, has dismissed the challenge to debate  hurled by Roxas, the standard bearer of the ruling Liberal Party of President Benigno Aquino. READ MORE