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The Duterte rigodon

IF SARA WINS AND RODY WINS….  MAYOR RODRIGO DUTERTE. Moving heaven and earth to make Sara win. BARRYOHAYLANphoto It’s post-May 2010 election…. Davao City Vice Mayor Sara Duterte captures City Hall. Mayor Rodrigo Duterte wins as vice mayor. Sara Duterte gets tired of politics and resigns to focus […]

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Who’s afraid of Ronnie Puno?

COMMENTARY Gibo-Ronnie tandem: The winning team       The panicky reaction to the announcement of the Gibo-Ronnie Team as the preferred candidates of the Lakas-CMD betrays the innermost fear of the mainstream opposition: that its candidates may be beaten soundly and fairly by the definitely superior team of Gibo […]

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Dog bites off man’s penis

By ROGER M. BALANZA A drunken man almost lost his penis to a dog who attacked him while he was pissing in a dark corner beside a concrete wall in a high-end housing village in Davao City in southern Philippines on Monday night. DOGS FED TO CROCS Eduardo […]

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