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JUVENILE JUSTICE ACT – Righting the wrong


The Senate has approved on Second Reading amendments to the much-maligned Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act or Republic Act 9344.

Crucified for its faults and for being a helpless tool to curb juvenile crime–actually the bottom line of its intent– RA 9344 is a faulty law that failed to live up to its intent.

The worst of this is that RA9344, instead of helping curb youth crimes, has become a willing tool for youth hooliganism to zoom up to dangerous levels.
Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has been very vocal about the faults of the law and has persistently called on its author, Senator Francis Pangilinan, and other senators to amend the legislation.
Duterte himself strongly believes that there are provisions in the law that promote crime among the youth. He also said that the law does not provide funding or supports for the process of rehabilitation for youth offenders or children in conflict with the law (CICL), thereby making the law hard to implement by local government units.
RA 9344At any rate, it is good to hear that Pangilinan heard the public clamor against the law and did his homework to make the amendments, although we have yet to know how far these amendments would go in responding to critics of the law.
Much of the faults heaped on RA 9344 is its provisions mandating local governments, police and social welfare agencies to establish institutions that would promote juvenile justice and at the same time protect children in conflict with the law.
Months ago, city councilor Leah Librado, chairperson of the Davao City Council Committee on Women, Children and Family Relations authored an ordinance that aimed to provide the necessary intervention and diversion programs and other related services for children at risk or in conflict.
Specifically, the measure calls for  establishment of a juvenile facility or halfway house for the youth offenders, which according to her is a priority of Mayor Sara Duterte as a commitment to children’s welfare.
The children of Davao City are a lucky lot in that their government has funds to spend for the facility. Other LGUs that are financially handicapped point out to the fact that RA 9344 provided them added functions that could eat up meager local funds.
NGOs working with children in conflict with the law should also be elated that the youth facilities would be provided with funds from the local government.
For years, NGOs were in the frontlines of children’s concerns–surviving on small funds raised from private sectors, foreign funders and government.
Now, in Davao City, at least, NGOs will now have a real working partner in the local government through the “Ordinance Providing for an Intervention Mechanism for Children in Conflict with the Law and Children at Risk of the Local Government of Davao City and Appropriating Funds Thereof.”
There is a strong clamor to amend RA 9344—-especially its “dark” side on higher age for children to be responsible for their crimes and the requirement for “discernment” before a juvenile can be charged for a crime.
The Librado ordinance wanted  to provide a mechanism to, well, provide “justice” to the juveniles and at the same time a half-way house where their young minds are prepared to face society that demands responsibility to themselves and their fellowmen.
cartoonThere has been serious debate on the reasons why today’s youth are more emboldened to be in conflict with the law.
Parental neglect is one of them, but the JUVENILE JUSTICE ACT is coming out as a major factor. While in spirit the act seeks to protect the rights of juveniles in conflict with the law, it has become a ticket for them to do violent acts without answering for it. The fact is the act is an injustice to the youth and to society.
Stories about young hooligans with birth certificates in their pockets showing them as below 15 years old and fished out to wave at police when they are arrested for crimes is not a joke. Being 15 today under the act has become a passport for juveniles to maim, kill, rape or do other heinous crimes without being locked up in jail or charged in court.
It is an irony that many of these kids do not know the wide range of rights given them by the law. What they knew is that the act has given them certain liberties, that make them invulnerable from answering for their crimes. It is the police who know that their hands are tied by the law in the effort to stop violent youths. Under these anomalous set-up that makes juveniles in conflict with the law almost untouchable, the offenders commit crime after crime while society cry in anguish and fear at the violence inflicted on it.

Duterte urges new talks with NPA, MNLF


Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte called on  the government to make serious strides in its peace talks with the communist group and Moro separatists, in his speech at the holding of the Pamulak sa Kadayawan Floral Parade.

The mayor made this point while saying he was thankful that the Kadayawan Festival ended on a peaceful note, after several days of jitters and uncertainties.

I pray that the talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) will be finished soon, he said.

The MILF and the government are in the homestretch of inking a peace agreement and the creation of a new Bangsamoro autonomous region to replace the  Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM).

I am urging the national government that we also revive our talks with the New People’s Army because whether you like it or not, the reality is we are all here,” Duterte said.

 Talks between the GPH and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines had been suspended since mid-2011.

Tackling disasters in Davao City

    On June 29 last year, a killer flood swept through four barangays in the southern part of the city.
    When the bodies were countered, there were 34 people killed many of them children.
    What lesson did we get from this “isolated tragedy”?
    Preparedness and accepting the reality that areas like Matina and Talomo are flood-prone areas.
    But the June tragedy was more than the usual floods.
    On the night that the tragedy struck, a freak tornado dumped, according to weathermen, water with a volume of a month’s amount of rainful in that area.

    The sheer volume was too much for Matina River which overflowed to unleash deadly current that swept away houses and human bodies.
    The killer flood indeed was an isolated tragedy.
    But while the saying goes that lighting never strike twice on the same spot, the Matina tragedy could happen again given today’s abnormal weather and rainfall.
    Climate change is too complicated to be discussed. Put in simple terms, climate change means that we will have more flashfloods. On the tragic side, this means that we could have another of the killer flood that killed 34 people in June last year.
    Davao City has many flood-prone areas that could be another Matina Pangi in June last year where most of the dead victims were from.
    There is therefore logic in a proposal by the Cty Engineering Office that would require houses in flood-prone areas to have an additional second floor where people can run to safely if floods strike their area.
    While there is logic there, there is the fact that our river banks are heavily populated and that there  is an urgent need for the immediate relocation for this hapless, helpless and forsaken mass of humanity who stare at death day and night.

Mining company eyeing gold, copper in Davao City – The Durian Post No. 113 – Front Page

15,600-hectare concession awaiting okay of City Hall, NCIP


A mining company has applied to explore gold and copper in about 15,660 hectares in Marilog District in Davao City.
The Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) in Region Eleven, in its website,  said the application of Mambusao Mining Corporation has already been endorsed to the Davao City government and the National Commission for Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) for their recommendation and comment.
The Mambusao Mining application is numbered EXPA 000116-XI as recorded in the list of applications with the MGB XI.
The application, covering 15,660 hectares was filed in 2005 and published in the newspaper in 2008
MGB’s last posting on Mambusao indicated it has been endorsed to the local government and NCIP in 2010.
But the Mambusao project may not push through with both Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and her father Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte warning that the local government would not allow mining in the city.
The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and MGB are aware of the local government’s posiition on mining that it will never be allowed here, said city planning officer Roberto Alabado when asked to comment on the application.
Alabado also said a pending bill in the House of Representatives authored by Davao City Third District Congressman Isidro Ungab would serve as another stumbling block to the Mambusao application.
The Ungab bill would declare Davao City as a “No Mining Zone.”
The Dutertes’ position on mining and the Ungab proposed bill are not the only mountains that Mambusao must subdue to secure a nod from government.
The communist New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the leftist National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDPF), the umbrella of all leftist organizations, had made public statements against mining in Davao City.
The NPA has a heavy presence in Marilog and nearby Paquibato, where the NPA Pulang Bagani Command under Kumander Leoncio “Parago” Pitao is based.
Vice Mayor Duterte said earlier said that the Davao City Council, where he is the presiding officer, would shoot down any request for mining projects in the city.
He said mineral resources in the city should be treated as a”piggy bank” for future Dabawenyos. He adds that mining may be allowed in the city in future when perfected technologies that would prevent accidents and threats to ennvironment and people are already available.
For her part, Mayor Duterte said mining could not bring economic benefits to ordinary people. She also noted shaky peacee and order situations in areas with mining operations. She said mining poses grave threats to the environment.
The Dutertes bared their position on mining amid a flood of foreign  investments pouring into the city.
Accordingly, some of the investors signified intentions to explore and mine minerals in Marilog and Paquibato, located upland of the city.
The Mambusao mining application has surfaced as sitio Ladian in Marilog was hit by a landslide that killed a 10-year old girl and prompted the local government to order the relocation of residents, mostly inndigenous people of the Matigsalog tribe,
The NDFP assailed the relocation order of Mayor Duterte, and tied the government action to alleged landgrabbing of ancestral domain in Marilog and to the Mambusao mining application, despite the publicly announced position against  mining of the Dutertes.
In a press statement emailed to the Durian Post, Rubi del Mundo,
NDFP-Southern Mindanao spokesman, said the “relocation of Matigsalog Lumad victims and declaration of hazardous areas in the wake of the landslides in sitio Ladian, Brgy. Marilog will be more beneficial to landgrabbing CADT holders and big mining corporations.”
A contagious area of over 120,000 hectares in Davao City, Bukidnon and
North Cotabato had been declared as ancestral domain by NCIP and awarded to the Kitaotao, Bukidnon-based Federation of Manobo-Matigsalog
Tribal Councils (FEMMATRICS) under Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT) No. R-10-KIT 0703-0011. More than  half of the area covered by the title is located in Davao City.
Del Mundo said the relocation was aimed to clear the way for the Mabusao operation.
“Areas declared by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau as geo-hazardous are also areas opened by its head office, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, to mining corporations such as the Mambusao Mining Corporation. The areas of sitio Mabuhay, Salumay, Namnam and East Marahan in Brgy. Marilog are being eyed by the same firm for its gold and copper mining operations covering 15,660 hectares, ” said del Mundo.
The communist spokesman also said “opportunist” tribal leaders have been selling ancestral domain lands under CADT No. R-10-KIT 0703-0011 to big business.
Wholesale landgrabbing of ancestral lands for private ownership by  (tribal leaders) are facilitated by the National Commission in Indigenous Peoples and paramilitary (indigenous people), said del Mundo.
“By all means, the masses should be protected from the natural calamities. But for them to be displaced from supposed perilous sites and to find their lands exploited by mining operations and landgrabbing Lumad clans, is indeed, the height of deceit, opportunism and oppression, said the rebel spokesman.

PALATINO & LUCIFER – The Durian Beat

If the reactions were to be the basis as to where he should be exiled, Kabataan Partylist representative Raymond Palatino would be living in hell with Lucifer.

Or maybe in Jolo to be beheaded by the fundamentalist Abu Sayyaf.
The upstart young congressman stirred a hornets’ nest with his proposal to ban religious icons and symbols in government offices, and such Catholic rites as prayers before start of a government ceremony or event.
The assault by Palatino on religion, faith and belief that on the  zeroed in on Catholics —the cross and a framed image of Jesus Christ are most common religious symbols in government offices of pre-dominatly Catholic Philippines—raised varied reactions from bishops down to laymen.
“Son of Lucifer!!” This was sent as a comment to our post on the Palatino stunt in durianburgdavao mindanao newsblog. Other commenters described Palatino as “Anti-Christ.”
House Bill 6330 said Archbishop-Emeritus Oscar V. Cruz, former archbishop of Lingayen-Dagupan in Pangasinan is “harsh.”
Msgr. Pedro Quitorio, media director of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), wondered aloud why Palatino would put this bill ahead of other more pressing problems that burden the people.
Priests being holy hold their verbal punches in commenting on issues that deserve, in this case, a solid punch to the face of Palatino but Catholic laymen do not have that restriction.
Send him to hell! was the comment of another also sent to durianburgdavao.
Palatino has admitted that he is a Catholic but we suspect he is not practicing his religion.
The Durian Post No. 112, June 18-24, 2012, editorial cartoon by rogerB
Palatino’s political flag, Kabataan Partylist, is known as one of the legal fronts of the NDF/CPP/NPA combine, which everybody knows run on the Maoist doctrine that does not believe in God.
Being encompassing to embrace all religions including a ban on Muslims to display their religiosity in public, Palatino should be crucified in two angles: Excommunication by the Catholic Church and issuance of a fatwa against him by the Muslims for his assault on their religion.
Fatwa to the unknowing is a shoot-to-kill order.
If Palatino had his way, Muslims in government service would be denied their prayers during offfice hours, and stopped from greeting people ‘assalamu alakum’ or ‘Alahu Akbar!’ This Palatino is weird!
As our contribution to the crucifixion of Palatino, we would like to liken him to book author Salman Rusdie and the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, and maybe Ely Pamatong.
Rushdie wrote the book Satanic Verses while the Jyllands-Posten published a series of cartoons on Muhammad that sparked anger in the Muslim world and the issuance of the fatwa.
Pamatong’s Satanic Bill | DURIANBURGDAVAO Mindanao Newsblog


Never mind Pamatong, but he was supposed to get a fatwa for his preposterous and sacreligious claim, as he proposed his crazy idea of Mindanesia, a separate Christian state in Mindanao, because according to him Muslims have killed more than a million Christians in Mindanao.
The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie was published in 1988 and was inspired in part by the life of Muhammad. Rushdie used magical realism and relied on contemporary events and people to create his characters. The title refers to the so-called “satanic verses“, a group of alleged Qur’anic verses that allow intercessory prayers to be made to three Pagan Meccan goddesses.
The Satanic Verses sparked a major controversy when Muslims accused it of blasphemy and mocking their faith.     The outrage among some Muslims resulted in a fatwā issued against Rusdie by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the Supreme Leader of Iran, on February 14, 1989.
The Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy began after 12 editorial cartoons, most of which depicted the Islamic prophet Muhammad, were published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 30 September 2005. The newspaper announced that this publication was an attempt to contribute to the debate regarding criticism of Islam and self-censorship.
A protest by Danish Muslim organizations led to Islamic protests across the Muslim world. A fatwa would later be issued against the cartoonist and the editors of the Jyllands-Posten.
We warned Pamatong about the fatwa and his claim that Muslims committed genocide against Christians in Mindanao, and what would happen to those who dabble wrongly, like Rushdie and Jyllands-Posten, with Muslim faith and anger Muslim religious sensibility. Pamatong with his Mindanesia disappeared after the warning.
Comes now Palatino who could be a potential target of a fatwa.
If Pope Benedict would have nothing of this mischievous brat and thinks an excommunication process would be tedious and laborious to spend on a Pinoy idiot, then the fundamentalist Sayyaf should come in to teach this Palatino the deadly lesson of his head looking at his own headless body. When was the last time that the Abus beheaded a human?





We heard that publicist Ed Malay, the discredited public relations man behind the rigged surveys that had ex-Speaker Prospero Nograles winning a lopsided battle over then Vice Mayor Sara Duterte in the mayoral race in the 2010 elections in Davao City, has resurfaced with 2013 elections but a year away, to peddle anew his incredible surveys.
Malay was the publicist cum propagandist of Nograles in that election. His pre-poll surveys were the laughing stock of the Dabawenyos for incredulity.

malay-pic (1)

Imagine Malay saying Nogie would grab 70 to 90 percent of the votes against Sara.

His surveys also had then Mayor Rodrigo Duterte being clobbered in the vice mayoral race by Nogie’s running mate Ben de Guzman.

The results of the elections had  Sara mauling Nogie with a 220,000 vote margin and Rody Duterte winning by more than 300,000 votes.

Which should place Malay where he rightfully belongs–the gang of swindlers masquweading as expert pollsters and propagandists  who  surface every election year to peddle their sham surveys to gullible politicians.


Ed Malay writes to Durian Post | DURIANBURGDAVAOMindanao


Roger M. Balanza deals Ed Malay with his last wallop

Ed Malay: “Torres is Duterte’s lapdog” | DURIANBURGDAVAO


Durian Post column – Mar8-14 issue | DURIANBURGDAVAO

Nograles’ lead over rival in Davao race widens — poll

Villar no. 1 (The Center Survey says…)

Issues And Advocacy Center Blog Posts – Top Blogs Philippines

We thought Malay has retired from his inanity but we read he was on Tonying Taberna’s Punto por Punto on ABS/CBN a few days ago announcing the result of his survey that it is not majority of Filipinos who wanted ex-President Gloria Arroyo locked up for various crimes to the people.
Malay could be going bigtime with his sham surveys and found a big fish to bite his surveys in GMA.
In his recent survey that wanted to establish how much the Filipinos loved or hated GMA, Malay said that about 43 percent or less than half of the Filipinos agreed with the Aquino administration on charging GMA.
Malay said that 56 percent of the 600 respondents polled by his Issues and Advocacy Center also called The Center (of Sham Surveys) said they agreed with the decision of the Aquino Government to formally charge Arroyo.
But he said  there is a large number of around 43 percent who said otherwise in contrast to claims by the Aquino administration and other survey firms that majority of the Filipinos wanted GMA charged for the various anomalies committed during her term.
Now this is trademark Malay nincompoopism.
According to him, his survey showed a growing number of Filipinos preferring that GMA be released from detention at the Veterans Memorial Medical Center (VMMC); and that about 41 percent wanted GMA to stay at the VMMC while 59 percent prefer to have her under house arrest.
Insanity has levels like nincompoopism that reaches the maximum.
Malay could have reached his when he said that his survey also showed that 61 percent of the respondents agreed to allow Arroyo to post bail while only 39 percent is against it.
We had written several pieces about the Manila-based Malay in the 2010 elections because he was deeply involved in local politics, particularly in the conduct of  queer surveys that Dabawenyos widely discredited being outlandish and unbelievable.
Friends then had admonished me against being harsh on Malay over fears he would disappear from the scene and deprive the Dabawenyos with the jokes that Malay dishes in out in his surveys. At one time, Malay threatened us with libel. His boss Nogie filed four counts of libel against us.
We then pitied Nogie for having hired this PR man masquerading as an expert on pre-poll surveys. He could not have known about the standing of Malay in the media community, in the public relations circle and the political scene.
He claims his outfit The Center is the third most credible survey firm in the country after the Social Weather Station (SWS) and Pulse Asia.
He came to Davao City bragging about his credential as the PR man of former President Fidel Ramos, which was quickly denied by FVR’s camp in Pangasinan.
Politicians there supporting then LP presidential bet Sen. Noynoy Aquino sent us a press release, apparently in reaction to our series of articles on Malay’s foolishness in Davao City,  that FVR a long time ago had already dropped Malay who was also warned that he should no longer trumpet around that he is still the spokesman and media handler of the former president.
The Pangasinan politicians said they were happy that Malay’s surveys had NP Manny Villar winning, which means that with Malay’s tract record of failure in predicting results of presidential elections, his survey results mean the reverse with Noynoy winning.
Which is what happened,
Out of pity, we then had advised  the Nograles camp to also drop Malay.
But Nogie had to stick to this joker because he apparently cannot find a decent pollster to do a rigged survey for him, a monkey job that only Malay could do.
If birds of the same feather fly together, fools also stick like leeches together.
Would you believe the results of a survey conducted through phone calls by Malay with Nogie winning by a wide margin against an opponent known as Sara Carpio and not Sara Duterte? Nogie believed that! Nincompoop!
We were supposed to be kind to Malay after his disastrous handling of Nogie. But No.
In the 2010 elections in Davao City, he tried to fool the Dabawenyos with his fake surveys.
Clearly, he has now come to the defense of the beleaguered GMA as shown in his latest survey.
Now he is trying to fool with his rigged surveys not only the Dabawenyos but also the entire Filipino people.     This is treason by foolishness and nincompoopism  and punishable with a stint in a (mental?) institution.

laugh-pa-more-3-gifBantay kang Malay ka!

Of Nogie, de Guzman, ghosts and zombies, and the fat goats of Artica Doom



Ex-House Speaker Prospero Nograles may now forget his claim he was cheated in the mayoral race in 2010 because in part ghosts and zombies crawled out of their graves on election day to vote for Mayor Sara Duterte.

The Supreme Court said the Commission on Elections (Comelec) voters’ list in Davao City is okay and has dismissed a petition filed by Nograles asking the High Court to order the Comelec to cleanse its voters’ list.

cartoon by RUBEN LAUDE

The Davao City elections are fun and entertaining—and dirty when it comes to mudslinging and smear assaults from protagonists—and always capped by sour-graping losing candidates like Nograles who would cry fraud every time he loses.

 The protest he filed on claims the voters’ list is peopled by pro-Duterte ghosts and zombies is but another one of post-election hangovers that Dabawenyos must accept with extreme tolerance and humor.

In his petition, Nograles had claimed the voters’ list was impregnated with ghosts and zombies who voted for Inday Sara and wanted the list exorcised of the ghouls.

In a six-page en banc decision, the SC has dismissed Nograles’ petition for being moot and academic.

The Comelec did already what it had to do prior to the May 10, 2010 local elections in Davao City, said the SC.

“Notably, three days before the elections, on May 7, 2010, the Comelec issued Resolution No. 8882, entitled Cleansing of The List of Voters Through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS)…” the SC decision said.

The SC decision is the second debacle suffered by Nograles in so far as his protests are concerned about results of the 2010 elections where as the sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives, the fourth highest and most powerful official of the land, he was miserably beaten in the mayoral race with  more than 220,000 vote margin by a neophyte politician, then Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, daughter of Rodrigo Duterte.

Nograles had earlier filed a protest before the Comelec for a recount of the votes. Nograles also lost the protest. In the final count of 100 ballot boxes —sample ballot boxes to justify a full recount—that Nograles himself picked from precincts where he thought Inday Sara got zero, results showed that the fourth highest official of the land also lost, miserably.

The 2010 elections was a sad celebration for Nograles’ political career, that overshadowed his being the fourth most powerful man in the country under the administration of the most-hated president former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

He tried to salvage the tragedy after his third defeat in the hands of Inday Sara in the Davao City mayoral races by resurrecting his habit of protesting results of the elections, claiming he was —for the third time— cheated.

So far, he has  earned the enviable record as the country’s lone mayoral bet beaten with the highest vote margins and clobbered three times in as many elections.

Do we hear Nograles planning a fourth try in what could be what observers here say is a severe case of political sadism?

After the miserable loss in the 2010, he cried fraud, questioned the credibility of the country’s first automated polls and in a tale worthy of landing in the funny books alleged that the dead and zombies impregnated Inday Sara’s victory.

The loss in the mayoralty fight with a large margin is a reality that would have others raise the flag in surrender as soon as the counting is over.There is honor even in accepting defeat but Nograles refused to accept his fate.

To top off his vehement refusal to accept the electoral verdict, Nograles filed a protest alleging the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines, the dead and the zombies combined together in his political misery.

He wanted the proclamation of Inday Sara annulled and claimed he won the polls — a claim that was met by Dabawenyos with boisterous laughter that reverberated from the mangroves of Lasang, to the coastlines of Toril up to the mountains of farflung districts Marilog and Paquibato.

No matter how you look at the election, figures always come out as the central arguments in protests.

With nearly a million of the Dabawenyos voting, the verdict was clear: Inday Sara got 388,000 against Nograles’ 160,000 or a vote margin of 228,000 votes.

As we said, the Davao City elections are always colorful, with the Dabawenyos being regaled with the added bonus of black propaganda that almost always border on insanity mixed with a surfeit of humor; and post-election claims of fraud that could land in the funny books.

In the 2001 battle for mayor between come-backing Rodrigo Duterte and then sitting mayor re-electionist Benjamin de Guzman, the P300 million mothballed Artica Sports Dome, aka Artica Sports Doom, an unfinished  de Guzman project, was a central political issue.

Duterte launched a nightly assault on de Guzman on the campaign stage back-dropped with a large tarpaulin with the photo of the Artica with fat goats grazing on tall grasses at the front, and accused de Guzman of corruption in the project and joked that only fat goats benefited from it. What a laugh!

With Duterte skewering  de Guzman and Artica with his acerbic tongue peppered in language that would have moralists running for masking tapes to cover his mouth, you can just imagine how severe was the demolition of de Guzman. And how Duterte provided entertainment with his goat story to the thousands who troop to his campaign rallies every night! Hahahahaha!!!

De Guzman, badly defeated in the race, would later be the subject of a joke that he was partly defeated due to the goats of Artica.

Then came Nograles after the 2010 battle with Inday Sara, who claimed  that he lost the race because ghosts and zombies voted for Inday!

What would Nograles blame if he decides to run for the fourth time for mayor or for Congress in the first district in 2013 and then gets clobbered anew? Duterte’s Ilong Story about Nogie? What’s that?