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SC affirms dismissal of P5.9-B smuggling case vs. Davao City businessman Dennis Uy

The Supreme Court (SC) upheld rulings by the Court of Appeals and the Davao Regional Trial Court (RTC) dismissing criminal cases against businessman Dennis Uy and a customs broker.

Uy, then the president and chief executive officer of Phoenix Petroleum, and Jorlan Cabanes, were charged with the alleged smuggling of PHP5.9 billion worth of petroleum products in 2010 and 2011, initiated by Senator Leila de Lima who was Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary at the time.

“In sum, the lower courts’ finding of no probable cause are supported by relevant laws and evidence on record. Mindful of these considerations, the Court of Appeals’ affirmation of the dismissal of the charges is not tainted with grave abuse of discretion,” read the SC decision posted on its website on December 11.

SC affirms dismissal of P5.9-B smuggling cases vs Dennis Uy of Phoenix Petroleum – Manila Bulletin

“When probable cause is judicially determined by the trial court, questions on the propriety of the executive determination of probable cause becomes moot. At that point, questions on the accused’s guilt or innocence rests on the trial court’s sound discretion,” it said.

In 2011, the Bureau of Customs (BOC) charged Uy and Cabanes with violations of the Tariff and Customs Code.

The BOC alleged that Phoenix imported petroleum products with dutiable value of PHP5.9 billion reportedly without import entries and withdrew the importations despite failure to file import entries and without load port surveys in the ports of Batangas City and Davao City. READ MORE


List ng project ni PNOY na naumpisahan na at May nakalaan ng budget na, na matatapos during Duterte’s time at ngayon ay inaangkin ng Gobyerno ni Duterte. Ang tanong! Saan dinala ang pera na inutang sa China? READ MORE

May be an image of text that says 'Lahat ng inaangkin ng Gobyerno ni Duterte project ay galing LAHAT kay PNOY. Lahat ay BAYAD at may nakalaan ng podo. Kaya ano ang nagawa na ni Duterte? Lahat ay galing kay Pnoy. May natira pang pera iniwan kay Duterte! SMT BITHT ÛwDaan Group TAOPAGGASRY ABOSES வறி்னை Salamat PNoy'

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MARCOSES: Unbeatable in shameless use of hidden wealth

Nobody beats the Marcoses in shameless use of Hidden Wealth. They’ve been at it since 1965 which was why Marcos had to declare Martial Law in 1972, otherwise Ninoy Aquino would have hammered him in a Presidential Election in 1973. They extended their greed up to 1986 where in that period Government Loans became synonymous with Imelda’s shopping sprees in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo and London where their children were ensconsed in rented villas complete with salaried drivers, cooks and bodyguards and forcibly enrolled at Cambridge and Oxford. Fifty six (56 yrs) years na, they are still at it, only more desperate now.

Kung gusto mo na patuloy na mag ienjoy sila ng Tagong Yaman at habang buhay kang naglalaway na gumanda ang buhay mo dahil wala namang Tallano Gold na ibabahagi saiyo at sa mga anak mo, bumoto kay kay Marcos Jr at Daughterte.Kaya kung may natitira ka pang kaunti na katinuan at sumagi man lang sa isipan mo na ang boto sa Mayo 9 ay hindi na para saiyo, kundi ito ay para sa kinabukasan ng anak mo at ng mga apo mo.


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May be an image of 3 people and text that says 'COURT RECORDS SHOW BONGBONG MARCOS DID NOT PAY PENALTY IN TAX EVASION CASE - PETITIONERS Presidential hopeful and former Senator Ferdinand "Bongbong" Marcos Jr. did not satisfy the judgment the court his 1995 tax evasion case, according Theodore the legal counsel petitioners seeking ostop his candidacy for the chief executive position. yung bayad mo? asan na?'

Petitioners: Court certification says Marcos has not complied to conviction on tax case

Petitioners against Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.’s election bid said they secured a certification from the trial court that the presidential aspirant “has not satisfied” the judgment in the ruling that convicted him for non-filing of Income Tax Returns.

MARCOS family owes the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) P208.3 Billion in unpaid taxes

Marcos family owes the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) an aggregated sum of P208.3 billion. This comes from a Supreme Court decision affirming that the Marcos family has not paid the required estate tax. The RTC decision only accounts for one of the several cases of failure to pay estate tax

DAVAO DEL NORTE: Santo Tomas village official to sue Councilor Cromwell Cocamas over unauthorized video


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This was how a barangay councilor describe a video clip of her that form part of a video presentation shown on November 24 at a hearing by a committee of the Santo Tomas Sangguniang Bayan (SB) on allege corruption in the town’s quarry operations. Councilor Cromwell Cocamas was behind the video to support his claim of corruption in the quarryoperations, one of the town’s revenue-earning industry.

Barangay New Visayas councilor Rosalie Mergal, in a statement, demanded an apology from Cocamas with warning of filing of cases if he would not comply.


Maaaring larawan ng 1 tao, nakatayo at text na nagsasabing 'MALICIOUS Councilor COCAMAS Mangayo PASAYLO o KASO?'
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More on Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte


A brief shouting match on Wednesday, November 24, highlighted a hearing by a committee of the Santo Tomas Sangguniang Bayan (SB) on alleged corruption in the town’s quarry operation.

The verbal scuffle happened as Councilor Julie Mantequilla, chair of the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources who presided over the hearing, cut short Councilor Richard Languido in the middle of his speech and declared him “out of order” as Languido lambasted the Municipal Information Office (MIO) over a press release that he said insulted members of the SB. VIEW VIDEO

May be an image of text that says 'MUNICIPAL INFORMATION IAVEUETON THE OF OFFICE OFFICER SANTO NORTE facebook TOMAS, DAVAO DEL STATEMENT OFFICE OF THE MUNICIPAL INFO OFFICER INFO OFFICE CONDEMNS FACEBOOK TROLLS BUT WANTS SANGGUNIANG BAYAN TO DECIDE ON ISSUE OF CENSORSHIP That Councilor Cocamas would call us out and accuse of orchestrating "coordinated and inauthentic behavior" reeks of double standard. Of course, we condemn the strongest terms the proliferation fake social media accounts meant to attack, malign, and discredit the Santo Tomas LGU officials. EVANGELISTA TEGACY ★*★ @SantoTomasDavNorLGU Bagong @santotomasLGU EHOTOMS.AHAODRIEITE'

Mantequilla interrupted Languido, pointing out that the councilor was straying out of the matter at hand that pertains to quarry operation.
Languido’s beef was over a press release by the MIO that he said disparaged the image of the members of the SB.
May be an image of 4 people and text that says 'SOIL ANALYSIS LABORATORY OR 8 VEHICLES WORTH P11.2-M? EVANGELISTA CALLS ON SANGGUNIANG BAYAN TO SETTLE ISSUE AMONG SB MEMBERS OVER 2022 PROPOSED BUDGET call on the members of the Sangguniang Bayan to settle the issue among themselves as to what specific program/project that would be appropriated in the legislative's body proposed budget in 2022. EVANGELISTA EVANAY ★★★ @SantoTomasDavNorLGU @santotomasLGU Bagong LELYOYOUALBAODRELCE'
The press release entitled “Soil Analaysis Laboratory or 8 Vehicles WorthP11.2 -M?”, was posted by MIO on Noember 17. The news item was the subject of a scathing privilege speech against MIO delivered by Councilor Cromwell Cocamas on November 22, Monday, as the SB tackled the 2022 annual budget.
It was also on that Monday that Cocamas called for a probe on alleged corruption in the operation of quarries for which the environment committee held on November 24, a hearing that led to the verbal clash between Languido, Cocamas and committee chair Mantequilla.
Mr. Languido, I would like to remind you that we are discussing Item number 3,” Mantequilla told Languido. The quarry operation was Item No.3 in the agenda of the commitee hearing.
But Languido dismissed the presiding offcer’s reminder, insisting that he has the right to say his piece.
“No, You are out of order! You are out of order, sir! I’m sorry,” Mantequillla, raising his voice, told Languido, who was forced to back off from continuing with his speech.
Minutes before Languido was censured for his disordely behavior, Mantequilla also cut off Cocamas who also scored MIO for the press release that he said insulted the members of the SB.
The press release pertained to an P11.2 million budgetary allocation in the P611 Million 2022 annual budget.
May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'GEVANGEISTA AYOR AKSYON 2022 BUDGET OF SANTO TOMAS LGU PASSED EVANGELISTA WELCOMES PASSAGE OFTHE THE 2022 BUDGET SANTO TOMAS LGU BUT... Santo Tomas Mayo Ernesto Evangelista Tuesday thanked the members of the Sangguniang Bayan for passing on third and final reading the Appropriate Ordinance approving the 2022 budget of the Municipal Government of Santo Tomas with the amount of P610,883,661.08 EVANGELISTA LEGACY ★** @SantoTomasDavNorLGU @santotomasLGU Bagong BANIOIOUASDMODRIOT'
The MIO presss release posed a question as to which project the budget would go: Cars for each member of the SB or a major agricultural project.
Cocamas said the MIO press release made it appear that the members of the SB are greedy and could use the fund to buy cars for themselves.
In assailing the MIO, Cocamas said he was reiterating his privilege speech at the SB session on November 22, Monday, where he lashed out at the press office.
He said he was asking why MIO is “victimizing” SB members with “insulting” press releases and posts in social media.
Like Languido, Mantequilla also stopped him from his attack on the MIO and to limit discussion on the subject of quarry operations.
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While the hearing ended without any finding on the alleged corruption in the operation of quarries as claimed by Cocamas , it was instead revealed that share of Santo Tomas muncipality increased tremendously during the administration of Mayor Ernesto Evangelista.