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Cebu City businessman shot dead IN Davao

A Cebu City businessman was shot dead in Davao City Thursday evening.

police beat 1A lone gunman killed Richard King, 57, owner of Crown Regency Group of Hotels, inside his office at Vital C Building on Sobrecary St. around  6:45 p.m.

King died on the spot after taking a lone shot to the head  from a 45 cal. pistol from the gunman who fled on a motorcycle driven by a companion, said the local police.

Cebu City-based King was in Davao City for staff training of Vitalrichard king C, a herbal and wellness company he owned. He was supposed to fly out of Davao City for Cebu City two hours later when he was shot dead.

The shooting was witnessed by some employees, training participants and guests who were having dinner with King at the first floor of the 2-story building when the gunman whose face was not covered entered the office and fired point blank at King.

King is the second big name businessman killed in Davao City in a week.

On Friday last week, Ramon “TY” Garcia, owner of the Nanay Bebeng chain of restaurants in Davao City, his body with multiple stab wounds found in Davao del Sur.

Police closed the book on the killing, with the arrest of two suspects – a man and his girlfriend, an acquaintance of Garcia — who admitted the crime and had been charged with robbery and homicide.

vital cPolice investigators are looking at the King killing as business-related among other motives.

Police said the Vital C building has no security guards, was not equipped with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and investigators are banking on the witnesses to provide a description of the gunman.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said the Garcia killing was solved in 6 hours due to Davao City’s CCTV cameras installed in strategic areas. The million-pesos, high technology surveillance system is operated by the Intelligent Operations Center (IOC) of the Public Safety Command Center (PSCC).

A local ordinance, the CCTV Ordinance, considered as the first in the country and inspired by Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, requires business with capitalization of more than P3 million to install CCTVs in their establishments.

King was chair of J. King & Sons Co. Inc., developer of Crown Regency, among others.

The hotel chain has a branch in Davao City.



 “Saving the Eagle, Protecting the Environment, and Securing the Future.”

Presidential Proclamation 79

Strengthening public awareness on the significant role of the Philippine eagle in the forest system, and its importance as a national symbol and unique heritage, and to generate unified efforts among all sectors of the society to ensure the protection of the species.

Askals: Good as players, bad bomb-sniffers

Street dogs (asong kalye or askal in Pinoy lingo) are not total failures in trials for inclusion in the K-9 unit.
Twenty of them passed the test, said Lieutenant Colonel Jude Thaddeus Besinga of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)-Davao.
But there is a problem.
They love playing more than the training, said Besinga at the I-Speak forum at City Hall.
Training them as bomb sniffers in the anti-terrorist campaign could be a tall order, the askals being less wiser than their imported, pedigreed Belgian and German shepherd cousins.
They have shorter attention span, said Besinga.
The askals gained international fame after the Philippine Azkals–the country’s football team named after the street dogs—made a good showing at the elimination round of the Asian Football Cup.
But even as they love playing more than being operatives against terrorists like the Abu Sayyaf or the Jemaah Islamiyah or the al-Qaeda, askals–with proper training—can make it to the K-9 units, said Besinga.


PUBLISHED IN THE DURIAN POST NO.79, Sept 26-Oct. 2, 2011

Davao legislator in hot water for mauling incident

The Pantukan municipal council plans to conduct a probe on councilor James Ross Welborn, on his involvement in a mauling incident in Davao City that some members said “shamed Pantukan.”

Widely played up in radio and television reports, councilors said there is need to clear up the incident which Welborn had denied.

The damage has been done. We want to hear from the councilor, said a member of the council, who begged anomymity.

This developed as a physical injury charge is now being readied against Welborn, who reportedly figured in a mauling incident in Davao City last week.

Police sources in Davao City confirmed Jefferson Antonio Te, 25, of Claveria, Davao City and Cyrus Belleza Paghubasan, 22, of Jerome, Agdao, Davao City have secured police documents prior to filing the charge against Welborn.

Te and Paghubasan reported to the San Pedro Police being manhandled on the night of January 20 by Welborn, and traced their attacker’s identify through a wallet and driver’s license that Welborn dropped at the scene after the attack. They said Welborn fired a gun on the air before speeding away with a companion aboard silver-colored pick-up.

Welborn has denied he was in Davao City on the night of the incident in television reports, but the San Pedro Police said they are holding on to the wallet and driver’s license of Welborn which were endorsed to police by Te and Paghubasan. The issue of identity can be resolved simply with a face-to-face confrontation, said a police investigator who handled the complaint. We will come to this when the case is filed, he said.

PO1 Herministo Galupe, the duty officer who recorded the complaint jokingly told the Durian Post the precinct is waiting for Welborn to come to the station to retrieve his driver’s license, when asked for updates on the case.

In Pantukan, members of the municipal council cringed at the thought of a member being reported on television as involved in a mauling incident.

If this is true then we should be ashamed now of being called honorable, said a councilor, who begged anonymity, who admitted the media reports on the alleged Welborn mauling incident was a sad episode in the history of the Pantukan municipal council.

Mayor Tok Sarenas told media the media reports on Welborn mauling a civilian had caused him to worry about the image of Pantukan, but has supported Welborn’s claim that he was wrongly accused. I have talked to him and he denied he was involved, Sarenas told media.

In their complaint to police, Te and Paghubasan said they were walking along Torres street when a car stopped beside them and two men, one of them carrying a gun, alighted and mauled them without any provocation. They would find a wallet, apparently dropped by their attackers, after the incident with Welborn’s driver’s license on it.

Rody warns of cuts in aid to local police

For what their chief did, the men should suffer.

            Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said he may use legislative muscle to cut local government aid to the local police as he slammed PNP regional chief Pedro Tango for the arrest of a communist rebel during the Christmas ceasefire forged by the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front (NDF).
            He said the arrest of Edwin Brigano breached efforts by President Aquino on confidence-building with peace talk to start soon.
            Duterte spared Davao City Police Office chief Rene Aspera from his wrath, although the local police would be at the receiving end of the cut in subsidies.
            The local government provides gasoline, tires, spare parts, communication equipment and vehicles to the police, said Duterte.
            But if police, said Duterte in a statement directed at Tango, is incompetent and do not know what to do…then it could not expect aid from the local government.
            Duterte said he could cut the police aid even if he is now only the vice mayor.
            Even if they go to Mayor Sara Duterte, I hold the purse in the city council. It is us who decide on how to use people’s money, said Duterte, who is the presiding officer of the Davao City Council.
            While the cut in aid comes only as warning only Duterte, Mayor Sara Duterte last year disapproved a request by military to help fund its counter-insurgency operations in the city. 
            Mayor Duterte said the military approach to solving the insurgency boiled down to combat operations and she would rather use local government money for social services to calm down mass discontent that drives people away from government.


“You go to hell first”

Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on television on Sunday uttered these harsh words with specific targets taking the blast: police and military scalawags.

            If we knew Duterte, he means every word he utters and sees to it that the thing is done, whether promising poor students of the local national high school classrooms near their homes, aid to cancer-stricken children, lugaw for the hungry, free medicines at the government hospital or giving in to friends’ request to be greeted in his Sunday television program Gikan sa Masa Para sa Masa on ABS/CBN.

            When he promised to cleanse his city of the dregs of society, well, Dabawenyos can say that the thing has been done their city being well-known as a peaceful city for peaceful citizens.

            But why is it that, suddenly, Duterte has come full circle to his old mantra about scalawag police and military personnel getting a trip to hell if they are caught doing dirty things?

            The warning is general, but the focus is more on police.

The Philippine National Police itself has admitted there is a current breakdown in discipline among its ranks.

The evidence is damning: more and more policemen are involved in crimes.

In Davao City, people came face-to-face with such a kind of law enforcer cum law breaker in the person of a regional police cop tagged as behind the series of robberies in the city.

The records stare police officialdom like the devil that no less than PNP chief Director General Raul Bacalzo has to admit the police uniform has been soiled so badly.

“There is a serious breach in discipline. But we have to accept that reality,” he said.

And that is the sad part of it, police scalawags are a reality. Thus Duterte’s warning. Okay, the police rank here is generally disciplined except for a few leeches who suck blood from the public to stain the police image.

Still, the warning should stand, given the sad figures from the PNP chief’s mouth.

In the last six weeks, according to Bacalzo, 14 policemen had been linked to various crimes.

He dishes out the fear factor: Erring policemen caught red-handed would be treated as criminals locked up in jails with common criminals.

 “A three-strike policy shall be implemented against the immediate police supervisors or commanders of erring police personnel who commit grave misconduct,” Bacalzo said.

If we got it right, a police report had it that this year alone more than 2,000 policemen have been involved in crimes from drugs to illegal gambling to robbery to rape to murder to human rights violations and the rest of the crimes against society. That would be about eight law enforcers with a mission to protect the public playing monkey with their uniforms everyday to harm the public.

Bacalzo’s posturing is a broken record played out since time immemorial by all the PNP chiefs before him.

And yet we still have cops in crimes from drugs to illegal gambling to robbery to murder to rape to human rights violations and the rest of the crimes against society.

Warnings come and go and end up as mere warnings if scalawags cops—the small percentage that rides as the monkey in the PNP’s back—are not stopped on their tracks.

Duterte is known for warnings that end up in results.

You will be the first to go to hell, said Duterte on television on Sunday.

We suggest that Bacalzo should come down to Davao City to sit down with Duterte about the meaning of his warning, if he wants to cure the ills that is eating out his organization.

We are sure Bacalzo would learn a hell of a lot of lessons from the mayor.