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Caged Philippine eagle ‘Espoir’ dies from snake bite

“Espoir,” a four-month old Philippine Eagle died after being attacked by a snake on Tuesday (April 5) inside its enclosure at the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC) in Davao City.

In a statement, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) said Espoir was found lifeless Tuesday morning on the floor of its cage.

“The team of animal keepers immediately reviewed CCTV footage to reveal that the chick was attacked by a python,” PEF said. READ NORE

Holcim shares greenhouse gas emissions reporting best practices to support Philippines climate action

Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. shared its best practices in measuring greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from operations in a government webinar to further strengthen the country’s efforts to mitigate climate change.

Represented by Sustainability Manager Stephanie Frogoso, Holcim Philippines participated as a resource speaker in the Climate Change Mitigation webinar on January 28 organized by the Partnership to Strengthen Transparency for co-Innovation (PaSTI), a joint program with the Climate Change Service under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), and the Ministry of the Environment, Japan (MOEJ).

Frogoso provided an overview of the company’s sustainability commitments, the carbon footprint of cement manufacturing, and initiatives to contribute to the Holcim Group’s Net Zero ambition. Frogoso also discussed available tools used for measuring emissions, simulation of a cement plant’s carbon footprint, and the Cement Sustainability Initiative’s principles for accounting and reporting.     .

The webinar is part of the PaSTI project that started in 2020 to capacitate the government, the private sector and key stakeholders in further improving the systems for measuring, reporting and verifying (MRV) climate change mitigation measures. This project is supported by Japan’s Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC) and the MOEJ. Establishment of an MRV system is important for the Philippines to monitor and report progress on climate change actions under the Paris Agreement.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO Horia Adrian: “Our deepest thanks to the government for continuing to involve us in these important discussions and recognizing our commitment and initiatives against climate change. Our company is ready to continue improving operations and rolling out innovative and sustainable building solutions to grow our business and make a positive social and environmental impact to support the country’s progress.”

It was the third time that Holcim Philippines has participated in the climate change webinar organized by DENR and MOEJ since 2020. Last year, Holcim Philippines joined the webinar which discussed the benefits for the private sector in participating in climate transparency initiatives. Participants discussed GHG mitigation measures and shared their insights on the importance of a national climate policy and communication with the government.

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Religion, ideology, greed for power, territory and wealth behind wars


If we know how to appreciate life, all the blessings that we’re getting, we cannot afford to harm anybody and any creature on this planet.

But the sad reality, we lack awareness of the myriad blessings that we receive.

The possiblity of living in Mars, for example, presents challenges that we are now enjoying while we are on earth like the air we breathe, the seas that give us food from marine resources, the plants and animals that also nourish our bodies plus the companionship we derive once they are domesticated and served as pets.

All these little things summed up the earthly life.

And what would Mars life be Elon Musk? If you can watch the sunrise or the sunset like the Mystics do, I don’t know how you would not feel and see the beauty of “being” alive as a human.

We have forgotten how to see things as they are. Now we are constantly bombarded with news of threat of world war – the crisis in the South China Sea and Philippine Sea between China and US and allied nations; the crisis in the borders of Ukraine and Russia; in the Middle East, particularly in Israel vs Syria and Iran.

These are possible flash points that could trigger world war.

Ordinary citizens are innocent bystanders and inevitably victims of the violence and destruction of armed conflict called wars. Ordinary citizens do have the rights to say No to wars, to refuse to be dragged to the arena of mass destruction of people and the environment and planetary resources.

All because of religion, ideology, greed for power, territory and wealth.

In the past, the cure for greed and insanity is total defeat in wars but sad to say, with the accompanying loss of millions of lives and the destruction of environment.


Ang Lungsod sa Santo Tomas, puno sa kinaiyahan.Ilalom sa pangulo ni Mayor Tatay Ernesto Evangelista,kinaiyahan protektahan ug turismo gihan-ay. Uban sa liderato sa mga opisyales sa barangay, kinaiyahan ug panginabuhian pahingusgan. Gipangulohan ni Atty. Elayza Lapina , Municipal Administrator ang paghan-ay sa mga programa aron kinayahan ug panginabuhian maproteksyonan. READ MORE

DENR-XI watches over Philippine Eagle nesting site in Davao City

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources-XI (DENR-XI) said they will be constantly watching over the Mt Makibol-Alikoson Conservation Area (MMACA) in Marilog, Davao City which is an identified Philippine Eagle nesting site.

A part of the conservation forest became controversial when various petitioners spearheaded by environmentalist groups opposed the granting of a tree-cutting permit to a private landowner on 12.2-hectare property located inside the MMACA. The cutting would involve 121 full-grown trees of various species.

The cutting area was determined to be close to the nesting site of a Philippine Eagle.

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte in a letter dated December 7 and addressed to DENR-XI declared the city government’s support to the move of the petitioners in opposing the granting of the tree-cutting permit in the area.

During an interview yesterday (Jan. 17) DENR-XI Regional Executive Director Bagani Fidel Evasco said the permit to cut issued to the landowner had already expired (Dec. 18) and they (DENR) had not renewed it. READ MORE


The Department of Environment and Natural Resources- XI (DENR-XI) thru its attached agency the Mines and Geosciences Bureau-XI has issued a show cause and cease-and-desist order to the Riverbend Consolidated Mining Corporation which operated by Arc Nickel Resources Inc. (ANRI) for causing the river siltation in Banaybanay, Davao Oriental.

After heavy rains on January 13-14 residents living along Mapagba and Pinatatagan Rivers in Banaybanay town in Davao Oriental discovered that their once clear rivers have turned to orange due to silt. READ MORE