Wants mandatory drug rehabilitation centers nationwide

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go remains focused on eliminating illegal drugs in the country as he refiled Senate bill No. 428 to establish a Drug Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Center in every province throughout the Philippines.

Citing the remarkable gains from former president Rodrigo Duterte’s fight against illegal drugs, Go emphasized the need to continue the drug war campaign, adding how it has likewise addressed other issues, such as criminality and corruption.

As of February 2022, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency reported a total of 331,694 suspects arrested in the 229,868 drug war operations conducted since July 2016. Among the number of arrested syndicates, PDEA reported a total of 15,096 high-value targets. Authorities have also seized illegal drugs worth PhP89.29 billion across the country, including PhP76.17 billion worth of shabu.

Despite these achievements, Go, who heads the Senate Committee on Health and Demography, pointed out that the elimination of drug-related crimes does not solve everything. Attention must also be directed towards the rehabilitation and recovery of their victims.

Under the proposed measure, a drug rehabilitation center is required to be established in every province, under the supervision of the Department of Health.

The center shall provide care, treatment and accommodation to drug dependents; enhance their physical, psychological and social capability to cope with common problems; and provide after-care, follow-up and social reintegration services, among others.

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