Bong Go pushes anew for a Magna Carta for Barangays in the 19th Congress

Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go refiled in the 19th Congress a measure providing for a Magna Carta for Barangays. The filed Senate Bill seeks to further strengthen the barangays, recognizing their critical role as the country’s basic political unit and frontliner in the delivery of government services.

“We all know that the barangay and its officials are the immediate provider of frontline services to our fellow countrymen. Sila ang pinakaunang tinatakbuhan ng ating mga kababayan,” Go said.

“And it is because of this reason that we have to further improve the barangays and address the woes of our barangay officials,” he added.

Go said that this role played by barangay officials in the communities prompted him to push for a magna carta for barangay officials.

The senator also lamented the lack of regular salaries for barangay officials and workers despite their duties and responsibilities in their communities, which is why the senator continues to push for better pay and benefits for them. READ MORE

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