Senator Christopher “Bong” Go has expressed his support for President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to stop online cockfighting or e-sabong operations in the Philippines, saying that the decision was reached after a thorough cost-benefit study.

Go said benefits of online cockfighting cannot outweigh the social harm it causes

Go believes Duterte’s move is in the best interests of the Filipino people, adding that e-sabong operations can be harmful to Filipino families due to the social issues that comes with it such as gambling and its recent impact on peace and order.

The president has earlier instructed the DILG to look into e-sabong operations, citing reports of people pawning their belongings simply to play the popular gambling game. On April 19 and 20, the agency polled over 8,400 people, with 62% wishing to put an end to e-sabong.

In the meantime, Go urged his fellow lawmakers to look into ways on how to regulate similar gambling activities to ensure that its negative social impacts are addressed.

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