Edge Davao 14th Anniversary Feature

Leagues of their own

They were the ‘journosaurs’ who once wandered the busy newsroom of Edge Davao.

Left to right: Managing Editor Neil Bravo, former senior business reporter Charles Maxey, former Sports Editor Moses Billacura, and former Associate Editor Greg Deligero

To say they are extinct is a travesty. They are very much alive, albeit diminishing breed, who survived personal transformational holocausts and migrated elsewhere.

Gregorio Deligero, Charles Raymond Maxey, Moses Billacura and Neilwin Bravo all have one thing in common–they are all ‘homies’ of Edge Davao.

As Edge Davao turns 14 years old, the publication takes pride in having in its fold perhaps the ‘Dream Team’ in Davao journalism.

Gregorio Deligero is the pioneer of the bunch. He was in the meeting room with editor-in-chief Antonio Ajero, general manager Olivia Velasco and finance manager Jocelyn Panes when this publication was conceptualized as the the very first business newspaper in Davao City.

Greg, as he is known in the media circle, became the first associate editor of Edge Davao, manning the news desk whilst dishing out the most engaging business reportage with stats backing up. He was a resident statistician who knows numbers and their significance to the economy. Greg left Edge Davao to become the Director of the Correspondence unit of the Office of the President. Greg’s stint in Malacanang was a testament of his expertise in dealing with various sectors of society.

Another staff who followed Greg’s path to the Palace was Charles Maxey, Edge Davao’s senior business reporter, who was appointed as Commissioner of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Charles’ stint in the sports agency reflects his deep background in sports as one of Davao City’s senior sportswriters.

The stories of Moses Billacura and Neil Bravo are as unique as Greg’s and Charles.’

Moses was plucked out of his passion for journalism by her marriage to a Dabawenya nurse in Canada. Same thing goes to Neil, whose wife is also a Dabawenya nurse in Australia.

Moses and Neil trekked the unfamiliar path to rediscover themselves. Moses found his niche in the cold North while Neil is creating ripples in the surfer’s world Down Under.

With great pride, Edge Davao takes you to the journeys of our ‘home boys’ — inspiring stories of resiliency and triumph. EDGE DAVAO

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