Couples whose marriage was solemnised at the municipal mayor’s office in Monkayo in Davao de Oro could be holding invalid marriage certificates if the wedding was officiated by a certain Ding Estrada.

Mr. Estrada happens to be a mere job contract worker of Mayor Ramil Gentugaya and is not authorized to perform a marriage ceremony. Mr. Estrada is said to have performed the illegal act for many civil weddings of couples who now hold worthless scraps of paper as marriage certificates.

If Gentugaya signed the Marriage Certificate, even as he did not solemnize the wedding, he could be criminally liable for Falsification of Public Documents.

This anomaly was discovered by lawyer Glen Carnicer,, who stumbled on a post on Facebook by a Daniel Formilieza about Estrada having solemnized marriage of a couple at the municipal hall.

I was shocked upon seeing this post. How come Pare Ding Estrada solemnize marriage? Unsa ba iyang authority? As far as I know he is a contractual employee of LGU Monkayo,” Carnicer posted on Facebook.

As gathered by Carnicer from sources, Estrada has been conducting the ceremonies in behalf of Gentugaya who would later sign the marriage certificates.

Carnicer said that under the Local Gov’t Code only the Mayor or the Vice-Mayor in an acting capacity can solemnize marriage.

“Balita nako, si Pare Ding nagkasal diha pa jud sa Munisipyo pero si Mayor Ramil ang nagpirma sa Marriage Certificate, ” Carnicer posted.

“This is very serious bcoz if Pare Ding has no authority then he can be criminally liable for Usurpations of Public Functions under Art. 177 of the Revised Penal Code.”

“If Mayor Ramil signed the Marriage Certificate, he could also be criminally liable for Falsification of Public Documents.Daghan na mga kaso susama ani niabot sa Supreme Court.”

Facebook commenters flogged Carnicer for his fake marriage expose against Gentugaya ascribing political motives behind the post.

Carnicer, one of the legal counsels of the Davao de Oro chapter of the Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP) of vice presidential aspirant Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, dismissed the accusation with a sermon: “How I wish that this kind of practice will be stopped. Marriage is a holy sacrament and should be given utmost respect.”

The May 9 election is a battle in Davao de Oro between two clans: Zamora vs. Gentugaya.

The First District congressional fight is a battle ibetween seasoned politician former congresswoman Vice Governor Maricar (HNP) against Vice Mayor Johanna Gentugaya (HNP), the wife of Gentugaya .

In the mayoral race, reelectionist Gentugaya (Reporma) will meet a challenge by incumbent First District congressman Manuel “Way Kurat” Zamora.

The joke going around peddled by the Marites is that there is no need for couples victimized by the fake marriage to require Gentugaya to solemnize a second wedding ceremony.

All they need to do is wait for the dust of the election to settle down and then after June 30 ask brand-new mayor Way Kurat Zamora to solemnize a second wedding to legalize the marriage.

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