Marcos camp belies report UniTeam skipping debates

Presidential aspirant former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos has yet to confirm his participation in the debate being organized by the Commission on Elections on March 19.

Marcos’ spokesperson Vic Rodriguez earlier said Marcos’ participation would only be confirmed “if his hectic campaign schedules permit.” 

The son of the late dictator president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. has been skipping previous major debates organized by media groups leading to critical commentaries he was afraid to face off with rivals in the race to Malacanang in the May polls.

Rodriguez on Friday belied a report the UniTeam is skipping poll-related debates, calling it “fake news”.

Bongbong runs under the banner of the UniTeam with his vice president Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte, who has also been shying away from vice presidential debates.

“The statement being attributed to me with the title, ‘Wala ng debate para sa mga kandidato ng UniTeam magmula presidente hanggang konsehal,’ is a complete falsity and downright lie,” Rodriguez said in a statement.

Rodriguez said the circulating report quoting him was false information and “part of gutter politics” by Marcos’ opponents.

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