BONG GO: ‘No one must be left behind towards pandemic recovery’

Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go called on the government anew to ensure an inclusive, sustainable and resilient path to recovery from COVID-19. He underscored the need to continue many of the interventions that were critical in containing the pandemic and protecting every Filipino.

“It is hard to believe that it has almost been two years … As difficult as our lives may have been due to the pandemic, I am confident to say that your government has worked non-stop to remain on top of the situation and to do what it can with our limited resources to help every Filipino through the crisis,” noted Go.

“All these interventions significantly cushioned the adverse impacts of the pandemic on particularly poor and indigent Filipinos as well as provided the necessary protection to our medical frontliners,” he continued.

The senator once again called for intensified efforts that will encourage job creation and boost economic opportunities particularly for poor and vulnerable groups.

Go cautioned that Filipinos must continue to cooperate with authorities and learn how to live with the virus while managing the risks by abiding by the necessary health protocols until the crisis is fully overcome.

“My fellow Filipinos, we cannot afford to lose what we have gained over the past two years, especially now that our country will undergo a transition in government as well. Let us all be responsible for ourselves and our communities so that we can finally claim victory over this ordeal,” appealed Go.

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