The Municipality of Santo Tomas has demanded an apology from Davao del Norte Second District Congressman Alan Dujali for unleashing attack dogs to discredit and malign Mayor Ernesto Evangelista and his administration.

This developed as the town condemned in the strongest terms the remark made by a Miss Royce Kamille Salen, a Manila-based congressional staff of Davao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Alan Dujali who tagged Santo Tomas Mayor Ernesto Evangelista as “Mayor na credit grabber” in a post on Facebook.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'ANOTHER EVANGELISTA'S FIRST EVANGELISTA HOPEFUL FOR 'INDEPENDENT' BARANGAY TULALIAN BY 2022 Santo Tomas Mayor Ernesto "Tatay Erning" Evangelista has expressed optimism that Barangay Tulalian will be separated from Barangay Balagunan and is poised to become distinct and independent barangay this year. EVANGELISTA LEGACY SOLUSYON THEV @SantoTomasDavNorLGU Bagong @santotomasLGU SHMOTOASDAMIORINCI'

The Santo Tomas town in a statement decribed Salen;s post as “a knee-jerk reaction” to the Press Release issued by the Santo Tomas LGU on the legislative development of Barangay Tulalian’s intent to become a distinct and independent barangay of the Municipality of Santo Tomas.

Santo Tomas also demanded that Dujali discipline his personnel who have the obsession to peddle lies and deceits in the run up of the 2022 May election including those who become his incognito partisan operatives here in Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte.

“Salen’s statement alone reeks of privilege and it is what it is—a government employee; paid by the people’s money but has the gall and the audacity to spew lies and instigate a smear campaign against a sitting Local Chief Executive,’ it said.

“Worse, Salen went on to ask: “Ano’ng ambag mo, tanda?” which we viewed as a distasteful, callous remark in an apparent manifestation of her low regard to a senior citizen, the Santo Tomas town added in the statement. Mayor Evangelista, in his 70s, is seeking reelection in the May 9election.

May be an image of 1 person and text

The Santo Tomas town in the statement explained that:

“Nowhere in our Press Release indicated that Mayor Ernesto Evangelista took solely the credit for such legislative development because he is mindful that it is the principal work of the sitting Congressman which is to file a bill and lobby the same for its passage.”

“In fact, the last three paragraphs of the PR entitled “Evangelista hopeful creation of ‘independent’ Barangay Tulalian by 2022” made mentioned of the legislators from local to national, who we believed, took part and exerted effort for the passage of the proposed legislation, and that includes Davao del Norte 2nd District Congressman Alan Dujali.”

We demand an apology from Dujali’s camp otherwise we will perceive such as as a desperate move for unleashing attack dogs to discredit and malign the Evangelista administration, the town said.

Santo Tomas also dished out an unsolcited advice to Salen: Iimprove your reading and comprehension because Tomasinos will not buy your “tactless” spin of the issue.

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