Religion, ideology, greed for power, territory and wealth behind wars


If we know how to appreciate life, all the blessings that we’re getting, we cannot afford to harm anybody and any creature on this planet.

But the sad reality, we lack awareness of the myriad blessings that we receive.

The possiblity of living in Mars, for example, presents challenges that we are now enjoying while we are on earth like the air we breathe, the seas that give us food from marine resources, the plants and animals that also nourish our bodies plus the companionship we derive once they are domesticated and served as pets.

All these little things summed up the earthly life.

And what would Mars life be Elon Musk? If you can watch the sunrise or the sunset like the Mystics do, I don’t know how you would not feel and see the beauty of “being” alive as a human.

We have forgotten how to see things as they are. Now we are constantly bombarded with news of threat of world war – the crisis in the South China Sea and Philippine Sea between China and US and allied nations; the crisis in the borders of Ukraine and Russia; in the Middle East, particularly in Israel vs Syria and Iran.

These are possible flash points that could trigger world war.

Ordinary citizens are innocent bystanders and inevitably victims of the violence and destruction of armed conflict called wars. Ordinary citizens do have the rights to say No to wars, to refuse to be dragged to the arena of mass destruction of people and the environment and planetary resources.

All because of religion, ideology, greed for power, territory and wealth.

In the past, the cure for greed and insanity is total defeat in wars but sad to say, with the accompanying loss of millions of lives and the destruction of environment.

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