Leave no one behind

Sen. Christopher “Bong” Go has reiterated his appeal to the national government and local government units to intensify the rollout of vaccines for eligible members of the vaccine priority list, particularly unvaccinated senior citizens.

Go urged LGUs to consider intensifying their house-to-house operations to vaccinate priority groups, particularly senior citizens who have difficulties going outside their homes.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad Yadav, World Health Organization representative in the Philippines, recently voiced concern that more than 2.5 million senior citizens had yet to receive a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

“Vaccinating these older people is one of the effective ways to save lives during this pandemic,” he said.

Yadav then appealed to LGUs to get their constituents to obtain their vaccinations, particularly elderly and those with co-morbidities.

Go, for his part, then continued to remind the public not to fear the vaccines but the virus itself, and that it is the only way to protect themselves, their families, and communities from COVID-19.

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