ERMIN GARCIA: Is Bongbong Marcos snubbing presidential debates because he is afraid to be compared to others?


The series of forums being staged by various media and civic groups are intended to give voters a chance to know the candidates better up close under public scrutiny, to make candidates accountable for their respective visions, thoughts and plans at the same time, under the same circumstances.

So why is Bongbong excluding himself again?? This time from KBP forum? Does he think he’s above the rest and not worthy of his time? Or is he afraid to be compared to others? Or is the campaign strategy for him is to listen to the questions first then ask a friendly interviewer to ask the same on a later arranged date for his prepared and studied responses?? That’s a cop-out.

Bongbong Marcos won’t attend forum for presidential bets

Or is his campaign team simply would not dare risk to lose critical support from among his fanatic fans if his performance and ability to be confronted with difficult questions do not meet his supporters’ high expectations of him??

Whatever his or his campaign team’s reasons, it’s becoming obvious he fears being made accountable and confronted in a forum attended by all others. It’s definitely not like what his namesake, eloquent father – FM – was known to be: Taking on all quarters, anywhere, anytime and whoever! He dares enter any and all lions’ dens. That was the Marcos trait.

Kung face-to-face classes yan, malapit ng i-drop si Bongbong sa subject. Two absences na, hindi pa naguumpisa ang official campaign period. Sayang lahat ang build up sa kanya kung namimili lang pala parati ng interviewer na napapakiusapan. Bakit puro iwas pusoy?

I’m sure many of his own supporters, many of whom are on my page must also be wondering why this is happening. Some will surely offer lame excuses for him but even they are surely hard put in justifying this second absence.

Sayang. He’s missing the chance to make his supporters even prouder of him.

Note: From the UK National Gallery-

The Latin phrase Quo Vadis (Where are you going?) denotes an episode from the life of Saint Peter, as told in the New Testament Apocrypha and the ‘Golden Legend’. Peter fled from Rome during the persecution of Christians under the emperor Nero; as he was travelling along the Appian Way he met Christ in a vision.

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