In what is described by the opposition as midnight deals, the outgoing administration of President Rodrigo Duterte has farmed out to allies frequencies previously assigned to ABS-CBN.

 Bayan Muna Representative Carlos Zarate said the grant by the National Communications Commission’s to billionaire Manny Villar of the frequencies A reward for a rich and powerful family that supported the Duterte administration. 

“Just like what his idol, the dictator Marcos did during his time, this last two-minute crony payback further exposes the lie of the Duterte administration that it is against oligarchy. The truth is, President [Rodrigo] Duterte has his own favored oligarchs,” Zarate said in a statement on Wednesday, January 26.

The NTC also granted Channel 43 to Pastor Apollo Quiboloy’s Sonshine Media Network International, as well as Channel 23 to Aliw Broadcasting Corporation

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