A military solution could be an option for former Senator Ferdianand ” Bongbong” Marcos Jr. if he wins the presidency in the May polls but a massive people power aided by junior military officers, is mounted against him on the day that he would take his oath of office as President.

“With all the powers attached to the Office of the President you can behave and issue orders as a president. Sometimes it is a military solution, sometimes it is not,” Marcos said on Tuesday at the “Bakit Ikaw?, a job Interview program for candidates in the 2022 presidential election..

Bongbong is the first aspirant to be interviewed by the program hosted by DZRH radio station and the Manila Times and the first he attended after snubbing last weelk’s GMA7’s The Jessica Soho Presidential Interview over his claim Soho has since been biased against the Marcoses.

Bongbong, a former senator, is the son of the late dictator Ferdianand Marcos Sr. who was ousted by the People Power Recolution in 1986 after a 20-year rule marked by corruption and human rights violations.

Bongbong said he would first take his oath of office as President and then face the protesters.

“So, what could be the problem? What is the problem? So, you negotiate,” he said.

But Marcos added, “So, you make sure that the safety…you have to defend the State, you have to defend the Republic from this kind of threat.”

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