BONGBONG MARCOS lead in surveys a sham

Survey leads driven by trolls


An army of trolls, not public sentiment, is behind leads of ex-senator Ferdinand “Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. in surveys for presidential preference in the 2022 May elections.

For former socioeconomic planning Secretary Ernesto Pernia, Bongbong is a fake presidential frontrunner.

Pernia accused the Marcos camp of operating “huge troll farms,” casting doubt on the veracity of the lead in pre-election surveys of the son of the late dictator president Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

The lead of Bongbong “in surveys is due to his huge troll farms using social media claiming the Marcos martial law regime was the country’s golden years— just the opposite of the facts: killings and imprisonment of opposers to the regime, plus spiriting away billions of people’s money,” Pernia on Sunday night posted on Twitter.

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