DOH: Mildly ill but fully vaxxed OK for home isolation

“If you are asymptomatic, close contact, probable or confirmed case, but you are fully vaccinated or had your booster shots, stay at home. If ever you have symptoms like cough, colds, and you know that you are a close contact or confirmed case, no problem, stay at home.”

Amid a surge in coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) cases in Central Visayas, residents who are asymptomatic or have mild to moderate symptoms are advised to stay at home, especially if they are fully vaccinated or have received the booster jab.

In Cebu City, Department of Health  (DOH)-Region 7 chief pathologist Dr. Mary Jean Loreche said in a presser on Monday that patients who have no severe symptoms or are not critically ill are encouraged to isolate themselves at home…. Read More

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