President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said those who refused to get vaccinated against Covid-19 should just “stay home” or risk getting jailed and arrested.

Duterte made this statement after Metro Manila mayors agreed to pass local ordinances that will restrict the movements and activities of unvaccinated people amid a steep increase of infections in the region.

“Yung hindi magpabakuna at nalaman ng barangay captain, sabihin na lang nila ‘Huwag kang lumabas’ at kung lumabas ka (If barangay captains know you are unvaccinated, they can just say ‘Don’t leave your homes’ but if you leave), you will be escorted…If you force the issue, the barangay captain can place you under arrest and dalhin ka sa estasyon (bring you to a police station),” he said.

Citing health experts, Duterte said those who refused getting their jabs are at higher risk of contracting severe illness, complications, and death. Read More

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