TYPHOON UPDATE: DUTERTE –  Help will arrive, just give us time

As provinces hit by Typhoon “Odette” remain without power and water services, President Rodrigo Duterte has appealed for patience and assured the victims that help is on its way.

In a speech in Maasin City, Leyte on Saturday, Duterte lamented that bureaucratic red tape was slowing down the distribution of aid in areas ravaged by the typhoon.

“I can promise to the people that help will arrive. Just give us a bit more time because there’s a lot of paperwork in government. For every move you make, there’s a layer of papers that… Government works that way. And if you try to rush things, you may face deeper problems. That’s the problem because we can’t release the budget immediately,” Duterte said, speaking in the local dialect. Read More

Typhoon-hit Leyteños urged to ‘directly’ pray to God

Xmas weekend set as nat’l days of prayer for ‘Odette’ victims

‘Odette’ leaves P309-M worth of infra damage

PAF C-130 plane brings much needed relief aid to Cebu

PAF C-130 plane brings much needed relief aid to Cebu

PH Navy deploys 19-ship flotilla for ‘Odette’ relief ops

Cops to help enforce price freeze in ‘Odette’-hit areas

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