DUTERTE: Political dynasty not bad

Proposal to prohibit dynasties will never be accepted politicians

 The prevalence of a political dynasty is “not bad”, President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday, as he stressed that it would not be eradicated unless the 1987 Constitution is amended and the Philippine culture is changed.

Duterte said the proposal to prohibit political dynasties in the country will never be accepted, citing the existence of families currently holding elective positions.

Kanang provision sa constitution about political dynasty, dili gyud na mulusot maski’g unsaon (The provision in the constitution about political dynasty will never push through no matter how hard they try),” Duterte said during the inauguration of infrastructure projects in Dapa, Siargao Island.

The 17th Congress has rejected the proposal of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Federalism and Constitutional Reforms on the 1987 Constitution to include the ban on political dynasties in the proposed revisions to the 1987 Constitution, calling it “anti-democratic.”

There is also a number of anti-political dynasty bills filed before the 18th Congress that remains pending at the committee level.

Duterte, whose three children are also holding government posts, said the anti-dynasty proposal “will never be passed.”

“If you convert it into a constituent assembly and allow Congress to, well, initiate changes in a constitution, di gyud na mulusot not because we do not want it or we want it pero ang mga tao, from my experience, bisa’g asa ka man diri daghan kaayo (it will never be passed not because we do not want it or we want it but the people, from my experience, no matter where you may be, there are so many [who will oppose that]),” he said.

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