Sara Duterte may change her mind and substitute for him as PDP Laban’s presidential candidate in next year’s elections, said Senator Ronald “Bato” de la Rosa on Tuesday.

“Patriotism was burning in her eyes while I was talking to her. I saw some hope,” Senator Ronald “Bato” De la Rosa, said of a meeting with Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on October 25 at the Davao City Hall, where he concluded that Sara is insterested in running for President in the 2022 elections..

De la Rosa said that he was reminding Sara of the November 15 deadline by which political parties may substitute candidates for various posts.

“I told her that if she would change her mind, she should do it early,” dela Rosa said.

“I just gave her a piece of advice. She did not give me a ‘categorical yes or no’ but I saw that there is hope that she will change her mind,” De la Rosa said in a television interview.

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