PETER TIU LAVINA: Inday Sara not running for president


Call me KJ or even contra bida but I’m not one who will raise false hopes.

It’s the monthsary today when for me she said no to the presidency by filing for Mayor instead under HNP. With this, substitution becomes a no-no. As a regional party, HNP is neither eligible to nominate nor substitute for a national position.

Thus, its members cannot replace those who will withdraw or be disqualified for President, Vice President or Senator. This no was a loud one but either her unspoken word was not heard or people refused to listen. Not her fault at all and she should not be blamed for it. She’s the victim here not the villain.

She was already responding positively and concretely and not ignoring the clamor and calls “Run Sara Run” – topping pre-poll surveys, activating parallel groups, going on initial sorties, naming her spokesperson – and then her moves were hindered. Her path to Malacañang to follow the footsteps of her father was blocked.

First, she was ignored (Letter 1) and then, second, her hands were tied (Letter 2) by the ruling party. By not playing the dirty game, refusing “to be a political punching bag” she opted out of the race. This was a principled stand. For her a no was a no. No way to play with her and the destiny of the nation by this despicable manner.

In her Aug 25 statement when she exposed and rejected the two letters, she also said she was not a “last two minutes” person. It signals that she was against any tricks. There are no 11th hour game-plans or end game grand strategies at all. That happened on Oct 8 and will happen by Nov 15.

Now, claims and speculations that she will change her mind and substitute for President or VP are all wishful thinking. There are even those who are so confident “itaga nyo sa bato.” But for me these are more based on fantasy than reality.

They are good for self entertainment but will not help us raise our political maturity. Fact of the matter, she has already moved on – meeting BBM in Cebu on how HNP can help his bid for President and meeting the Villars in Las Piñas to help Sec Mark for his Senate run – while we’re stuck till Nov 15 “Waiting for Godot.”

This tragicomedy play which I already mentioned last month has a timely plot about discussing so many things while waiting for something out of nothing. Nagpa-abot og wala. Godot of course never came.

Sad. And funny. These are moments in the play that mirror our lives today. Im sad she’s not in the presidential race. I own up to the mistakes in my assessment and laugh at and learn from it.I am not a KJ or a contra bida. It’s simply me.

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