Ex-Duterte spokesman for Marcos for president in 2022 polls

PETER TIU LAVINA: Bongbong becoming more popular, relevant and strong

I noticed how BBM has matured and handled himself quite well. I think he has learned a lot from the cheating experience of 2016.

He has moved on; it made him a better person, a better leader. The attacks on him with regards the 2022 election have strengthened his resolve to stay above the fray, face challenges with humility, and act gentlemanly.

I observed there is no air, no hate or bitterness in his speech or action. Also, like in Mayor Sara, I see in BBM having an inner strength. He does not answer every bark of the dog in his journey. He doesn’t just dismiss them either. He absorbs them as blows to sharpen himself like what ironsmiths do to their prized swords.

Was he transformed by the renewing of his mind as in St Paul’s Letter to the Romans 12:2? His foes and critics sadly judge him by his image, particularly of the past, not rightfully by his substance of today. Big-time mistake. Nature changes people as seasons do.

To see the good in others mirrors our own values. Anger, vengeance, envy are blinders that blur our sight. I believe there is a new man in him. His name maybe old, but his aura is new.

If not spiritual rebirth, there is something in BBM that has fundamentally changed. Maybe its due to fatherhood. Maybe its simply about growing up older and wiser. Maybe there’s a profound sense in him to fulfill a mission. See how he treats debate.

For others it is show time or show off time, or chance to belittle foes, or spot faults in others. For him it is not contest or rivalry but opportunity to present his program, his views, and his message.

So, while others are focused on destroying him, bringing him down like crabs do, he has kept his eyes on the ball. To me, that is the very essence of leadership – looking forward, not backward. There is determination. His V sign is for vision signifying clear direction.

These all to me explain why his lead is gaining a lot of followers. And like in Du30’s case, the more they attack him, the more he becomes popular, strong and relevant.

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