DAVAO DEL NORTE: Santo Tomas Mayor Ernesto Evangelista to break mayoral one-term jinx in 2022 election


Supporters of Mayor Ernesto Evangelista laughed off talks the reelectionist mayor of Santo Tomas town is not going to get a second term.

The talks, a political tale often normally taken as a joke, are spawned by what Tomasinos call as a “jinx” — no elected mayor has ever earned a second victory in the local elections.

But supporters of 78-year old Mayor Evangelista are confident the former cop could break the “one-term only” legend that hounded the political careers of the town’s former mayors.

Mayor Evangelista seeks a second term in the May polls in 2022 amid the backdrop of a first term marked by outstanding peace and order situation, corruption-free governance, enhanced economic development and responsive social, health and education services never experienced in the previous administrations.

Santo Tomas Municipal Administrator Atty. Elisa Evangelista Lapina: Outstanding performance would convince Tomasinos to give Mayor Evangelista an overwhelming vote for another term come 2022.

Mayor Evangelista runs Santo Tomas with a reliable partner, no less than daughter Atty. Elisa Evangelista-Lapina.

The young lawyer is already a veteran in governance having held posts, before being appointed as Santo Tomas administrator, during her stint with the Davao City government under Mayor Sara Duterte, among others as a an attorney at the City Legal Office and action officer of Mayor Duterte’s Peace 911, an anti-insurgency special body that helped free the far-flung mountain village of Paquibato from the clutches of communist rebels.

Atty. believes the jinx sentenced previous mayors to a single term due more to corruption and poor governance and delivery of basic public services.

Based on Mayor Evangelista’s track record of public service in his first term, Atty. Lapina said the so-called jinx would be useless against the mayor’s outstanding performance that would convince Tomasinos to give him an overwhelming vote for another term come 2022.

In next year’s battle, Mayor Evangelista would be up against a neopphyte politician and a former mayor who could be a victim of the jinx, for the second time, because of his uneventful performance when he was the mayor.

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