GORDON: Duterte betrayed the trust of the people

No nation deserves him

“No nation deserves him. Minumura ang Santo Papa, minumura ang Diyos, sinasabi sa mga tao, sinasabi sa mga pulis, barilin niyo sa vagina yung mga babae, yung mga NPA ,” Senator Dick Gordon said in an interview Tuesday in a damning description of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“No nation deserves him because nagtiwala ang tao, because the public trusted him and he betrayed the trust of the people,” said Gordon, chair of the Senate blue ribbon committee investigating alleged corruption by the Duterte administration of the multi-billion-oeso Covid-19 response fund.

Gordon and Duterte has been exchanging harsh words since the start of the probe that also linked Chinese national Michael Yang, a former economic adviser of Duterte.

The probe has focused on about P10 billion worth of allegedly overpriced anti-Covid-19 medical equipment and supplies awarded to a Chinese company alleged to be financed by Wang.

Duterte severely criticized the investigation accusing Gordon, who id seeking reelection in the 2022 national election, of making political capital out of the probe.

“Manduduro at manduduro ‘yan, (he) will intimidate,” said the senator.

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