GOLDE LYONN: Davao Scenes – UM Bolton Street


If you’re a longtime Davao resident, you would be familiar with this street corner of Bolton and Bonifacio streets. This was my “home” in my college years of 1960s.

At right, you know that’s the six-storey Research Tower Building, the “tallest” building during those early years. Shown left is part of the old Gaisano building which closed in early 2000, I think. Good news is– it’s now under renovation and soon you’ll see a new modern Gaisano mall right in front of UM.

And beside Gaisano in the good old days, was the UM Broadcasting Network (UMBN) building which later housed Landbank—-which closed lately to move to a better place…….

Past memories of Landbank and UMBN—they were the first buildings to be attacked by UM student rioters in the early 70s, hurling molotov bombs (coke bottles with gasoline) that exploded later into a city-wide student riot, long before Manila started their own student riots,…..

Anyway, back to this picture : Bolton and Bonifacio streets were both disintegrating into ruts and pothole for years even after occasional asphalting…. Now, finally, you’ll see the CONCRETING of both streets. Have you seen this area lately?

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