GOLDE LYONN – Davao Scenes – New Davao Museum


If you happen to pass by Palma Gil street, you will see two new buildings to your right (if you’re coming from Ponciano) — first, the newly-finished Davao Tourism building just beside the road— and second, the new Davao Museum building, still under construction, just behind the new tourism building.

At first glance, the building looks like the outer skin of a Durian fruit, with its huge protruding spikes—or thorns? I don’t know whether I should be excited about this new museum building—since I was never excited anyway about the old museum at corner Magallanes Claveria sts (Pichon-CM Recto)…. I’m not so sure whether this new Davao museum will also show regular art exhibits of Davao art exhibits of Davao artists and their works. But to what kind of art that is, I don’t know….

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