GOLDE LYONN: Davao Scenes – UCCP Church


If you’re a longtime member or church goer at Davao United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP) church at corner Bonifacio and Legaspi streets, you’ll be amazed, naturally, at this beautifully-designed edifice.

Last week, I saw a FB picture of the church interior during this pandemic and was taken aback to see there were no more pews– those long benches– inside the church.

Then I realized church services or mass of all churches had been forbidden by the quarantine laws of the govt’s National Emergency…

Although other churches opened their doors to Sunday services with very limited seats, it seemed UCCP has adjusted well to the regular ONLINE church services every Sunday.

Even their church choir singing is being done on Zoom online.

As a regular choir member for 30 years, I wasn’t able to join this time because I can’t adjust to the digital way of singing alone on a phone camera— and later blend my Bass voice with my fellow singers………

To be frankly honest, I really missed the good old days when our UCCP church was an old rundown building, where we had yearly Choir Concerts every Holy Week and Christmas time singing George Handel’s “Messiah” under the baton of the late Paco Aseoche….

I also missed the old church hymns we sang, that were composed by Mozart, Beethoven and other famous composers…… All of these are gone now as new younger singers and younger choir directors no longer feel the soul of the old classical music of the old masters….

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