NORDECO congratulates NEA for Electrification Awareness Month celebration

Davao Electric Cooperative, Inc. (NORDECO) extends congratulations to the National Electrification Administration (NEA) on the culmination of its 12th National Electrification Awareness Month (NEAM) with the theme, ‘NEA-ECs: Arise as One, Championing National Development and Building Sustainable Communities through Rural Electrification.’

NEAM is celebrated every August based on the Proclamation No. 1743 signed last March 2009 by President Gloria Arroyo.

It aims to recognize the significant contributions of the electrification program towards the development of the country.

National Electrification Administration (NEA), created under the Republic Act No. 6038, was ordered to carry out total electrification in the country on the basis of area coverage, along with the 121 electric cooperatives nationwide.

For NORDECO, NEA has been its constant partner in bringing electricity both in the urban and rural areas in its coverage. The Rural Electrification Program is particularly special as it brings service even to the farthest point of the countryside.

Also, NEA was instrumental in the reconciliation and unification in 2019. With this, NORDECO continues with its efforts towards full recovery.

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