NORDECO bags 24 awards and recognition during the 2021 PHILRECA Awards

Despite the trying time due to the pandemic, the electric cooperatives are able to commit to its function as a power distribution utility to continue its services.

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NORDECO, Inc. prepared and acted strategically in dealing with the limitations that the pandemic has continuously inflicted. This has proven yet again the resiliency of our electric cooperative in whatever obstacles and challenges it is facing.

With conviction, NORDECO declares another successful year for overcoming its trials and challenges.

This would not be possible without the support also of its coordinating agencies, most especially PHILRECA.

Above all, these awards serve as an inspiration that NORDECO, Inc. shall continue thriving for an improved and better service to its Member-Consumer-Owners (MCOs).

Awards and Recognition during the 2021 PHILRECA Awards from the Wires

πŸ†Extra Mile Award;πŸ†Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita Award;πŸ†Bayanihan Award;πŸ†Compassion in the Face of Adversity Award;πŸ†Constant Contributor Award;πŸ†Ace of Armor Award;πŸ†One EC Signage Award;πŸ†Leading EC in Health and Wellness Program Award;πŸ†Making a Difference Award;πŸ†Above and Beyond Award;πŸ†Digital Transformation Award;πŸ†Diamond Service Award;πŸ†Outstanding Radio Program Excellence Award;πŸ†EC Multimedia Award;πŸ†The Iron Pillar Award;πŸ†Strength in Number Award;πŸ†Heart of the Community Award;πŸ†Champion of the One EC Network;πŸ†Foundation Award;πŸ†Gold Stellar Award;πŸ†Model Member EC Award;πŸ†Prompt Payor Award;πŸ†Groundbreaker Award;Bright Beginning Award; andπŸ†MCO Champion Award.

May be an image of text that says '2021 PHILRECA AWARDS FR:OM WIRES THE Arise One: Championing National Development and Building hrough Rural Electrification Above and Beyond Award Diamond Service Award ECMultimedia Award Making Difference Award Award Outstanding Program Excellence Award Extra Mile, Award Kadiwa Ani Kita Award Bayanihan Award Constant Contributor Award Compassion Face Adversity Award Ace Armor Award One Signage Award Leading EC Health and Wellness Program Award The Pillar Award Strength Numbers Award the Community Award Champion -One Network Foundation Award MCO Champion Award PHILRECA T'
May be an image of β€Žone or more people and β€Žtext that says 'β€ŽΪ© AWARDS 021PHILRECA FROMTHE FR:OM WIRES Arise One: Championing National evelopment and Building Sustalnablr through RuralElectrification Above and Beyond Award Diamond Service Award Multimedia Making Difference Award Digital Transformation Award Outstanding Radio Program Excellence Award Extra Mile Award Kadiwa Ani Kita Award Bayanihan Award Contributor Award Compassion the Adversity Award Ace of Armor Award Signage Award Leading Health ind Wellness Award The Iron Pillar Award Strength Numbers Award Heart the Community Award Champion the EC Network Foundation ward MCO Champion Award NORDECO NORDECO PHILRECAβ€Ž'β€Žβ€Ž

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