DUTERTE missing face-to-face encounters with Pinoys

I want to hug you as Filipinos

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday admitted that he wanted to go outside and meet people, but his doctor is preventing him from doing so.

Duterte lamented how the Covid-19 pandemic has limited his interactions with local government officials as well as ordinary citizens.

Pandemic hampered ‘governmental operations’

“Sabihin ko sa mga tao, sa mga mayors, gusto ko silang makilala. Gusto ko sila yakapin bilang Pilipino. Ang problema, itong Covid na ‘to (I want to tell the people, mayors that I want to meet you. I want to hug you as Filipinos. The problem is this Covid-19 pandemic). It has hampered governmental everything—operations, lahat. So hindi nga natin makaharap kasi itong mga doctor ko, ayaw ako palabasin (So can’t face them because my doctors don’t want me to go outside),” he said.

Duterte, in a pre-recorded public address on August 9,, floated the possibility of disregarding his doctor’s advice, saying he would simply leave everything to God.

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