DAVAO REGION GETS 154K Covid-19 doses

The Davao Region inventory of Covid-19 vaccines has been beefed up with a total of 154,080 doses of vaccines of various brands which arrived in Davao City on Sunday morning (August 8).

The vaccines consisted of 50,000 doses of Sinovac CoronaVac, 44,160 doses Oxford Astrazeneca, and 59,920 doses of Moderna SpikeVax vaccines arrived at the Davao International Airport via Cebu Pacific flight DG 5813. 

Davao Region has received a total of 1,824,520 doses of COVID-19 vaccines..
As of August 6, Davao Region distributed 1,670,440 doses of vaccines. 

There are already 1,399,340 doses delivered and currently being distributed by   various local government units (LGU), while 271,100 vaccines have already been allocated and ready to be delivered to each LGUs for their 2nd dose.

For the first dose, there were 912,245 doses allocated and 71.3 percent of were already used for the Eligible Priority A1 to A5 groups. 

For the second dose, there are 758,195 doses allocated and 42.3 percent of  are already used for Eligible Priority A1 until A5 groups.  

DOH 11 also urged the public to register in their respective LGUs in order  to be vaccinated. With report by NewsFort

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